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  1. Banana Bar

    New driver insurance

    My daughter starts driving next month and we are currently looking at the best way to insure a car for her. Looking at a 1.2 Polo or Fiat 500. NFU Mutual are looking at it for me but they don’t seem very keen to do it, I may be wrong and get a pleasant surprise next week! The reality is that I...
  2. Banana Bar

    Big announcement tonight!

    Big news coming from Teresa Villers tonight at midnight. 🤞
  3. Banana Bar


    After chatting to someone yesterday I can’t help but have some interest in the Novag drill. Bearing in mind that there is to my knowledge only one sold in the U.K. perhaps Cross Slot owners / operators could tell me what they do or don’t like on their drill and, where the Novag is better or...
  4. Banana Bar

    John Deere 8370rt

    Does anyone have any experience of these tractors? Had an 8360rt a few years ago that was horrendously unreliable.
  5. Banana Bar

    Spreading cover crop mix

    Looking to use a spinner to spread cover crop seed over 12m ahead of a Kockerling Allrounder. Would a spinner spread a mix of peas, beans and oats accurately? Thoughts are to put this on the front linkage, alternative is a front hopper piped to the cultivator although the double fold of 12...
  6. Banana Bar

    Horsch quotes / price rise

    I had a quote for a new 12 m Avatar in October which I asked to be renewed this month. The price has gone up 1% since October, was told yesterday there will be another price rise after Xmas. I think someone is taking the pee. BB
  7. Banana Bar

    Killing peas

    I’m planning 120 ha of large blue peas next year. With the demise of Reglone am I mad to think glyphosate will kill them? The attraction of Reglone was its ability to burn the foliage to a crisp in a few days. I’ve sprayed off some cover crop recently that had a few peas in the mix, everything...
  8. Banana Bar

    Propino seed test results

    Morning, below I have the results of the recent seed test I have had carried out on my barley. Planning to drill as early as I can on heavy land in Suffolk. Would you just re clean ( as I have done for 3 years ) or use a seed treatment? LAB NO. KIND VARIETY REF Microdochium Leaf Stripe...
  9. Banana Bar

    Horsch CO8

    What sort of horse power would I need on a CO8 with Metcalfe points? Anyone using one. Thinking OSR, and cover crops mainly.
  10. Banana Bar

    Biofilter of Phytobac

    Built a new undercover sprayer filling area with the idea of installing a Biofilter. While looking at designs I came across the Phytobac which I had seen before but forgotten about. Has anyone installed a Phytobac? Looks fairly simple to set up and use. BB
  11. Banana Bar

    Marking boundaries

    For various reasons we have numerous guidance systems on farm, Greenstar, Trimble, Claas, and Topcon ( all on Sim RTK). We have decided that it is time we plotted all of our field edges accurately and plan to do this with the gator over the winter. My question is what system should I use in the...
  12. Banana Bar

    Tree surgeon chippings

    Does this ever have any value to be incorporated. It’s obviously a source of carbon but does it take too long to become a benefit? BB
  13. Banana Bar

    Winter bean seed rate

    What number of plants are you aiming to have established in the spring?
  14. Banana Bar

    Topcon Boundary help

    I have lost the boundary from one of the fields in our Topcon X30 on the Rogator. How do I create a new boundary? It doesn't seem very intuitive! Thank you BB
  15. Banana Bar

    iPad email

    Every now and then when I log into my emails on the iPad it automatically opens on an email I had in March, never anything different. Why?
  16. Banana Bar


    Or can’t be arsed with: 1) Growing OSR 2) Growing beans 3) Selling straw 4) Growing winter barley To be continued
  17. Banana Bar

    Adblue delete Lexion

    Has anyone successfully deleted the adblue from a Mercedes engine as fitted in a 780? Plenty of adverts when searching google and I don’t want a mate from the pub who will do it for £100 cash. I need it done professionally and therefore need to speak to anyone who has done this without issue. I...
  18. Banana Bar

    Workshop jack

    Looking for a good workshop trolley jack of 8t plus. Definitely don’t want rubbish Sealey, Draper, Spaldings etc. Who’s the best? BB
  19. Banana Bar


    I've been trawling round the RPA website for ages trying to find the latest guidance on EFA. I can only find Scottish rules or archived information which has since been updated. Can anyone point me to the correct page? Thank you BB
  20. Banana Bar


    How much is Lucerne worth per ha? Looking at putting a few small fields that are in EFA fallow at the moment into something more useful. I would look to sell the growing crop.

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