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  1. zsnotdead


    Is it worth dumping money into a pension as a tax saving measure or will the tax ultimately be paid at the end. My only reservation of money in a pension is it tied up. How likely is it that the tax allowance on pensions will be reduced in future
  2. zsnotdead

    Jcb 310s vibes

    When at full throttle on a flat road the engine seems to hit "the cutout" the revs fluctuate between 2350 and 2390, this start a shake through the cab,only stopping when revs are reduced, if its driven at 2300rpm or engine is labouring the problem doesn't happen. I was told to clean the foot...
  3. zsnotdead

    Calf cubicles

    Do calves,4 to 6 months old need a lunge area. Cubicles will be long enough,without going into detail I can't keep back the neck rail
  4. zsnotdead

    Jd 1950 silencer

    Where can I get a silencer for a 1950,jd want £257, it's odd ball slightly as it's for a 3 cylinder turbo and not a common replacement part
  5. zsnotdead

    Travelling around london

    whats the cheapest way to travel around london,family of 4,buses,trains etc,can I get a 24hrs family pass,tia
  6. zsnotdead

    Bull issue

    I bought a bull 3 weeks ago,he's 20 months old, he has never served before but when he jumps on a cow he continually misses the honey pot,will time and practise sort this out
  7. zsnotdead

    New clusters

    Ive been using this type of cluster/claw since the early 80s,it's still available today on the delaval web page, I've recently updated the parlour with new pulsation, new milk meters and new acrs, all gea, should I upgrade my claws too,is there any advantage,I can upgrade to a gea claw complete...
  8. zsnotdead

    Stena line p and o promo codes

    Has anyone a promo code for the ferry and would like to share it, a general public promo code not personal. Travelling to Scotland in August, booking with nfu and it still over £310 return,tia
  9. zsnotdead

    Time,feeding hay instead of straw

    Are there any benefits in feeding 1/2 kg of hay in a tmr as opposed to barley straw. Is there any difference in grass fibre and straw fibre, I have hay,good hay, wheat straw needs to finely chopped as cows don't really like it,barley straw is hard to come by
  10. zsnotdead

    Young dairy bull

    i have bought a young bull for the cows,he's 16 months old and certainly big enough but he's not interested in any cows.i have him three weeks,what should I do,cost 2500
  11. zsnotdead

    Paying tax

    How does everyone pay their tax.which is safer. Pay debit card via HMRC web page. Pay via online banking. I would want to make a mistake and have to pay it twice.
  12. zsnotdead

    Atl milking equipment

    Does anyone rate them. They seem to be quite a bit cheaper than others. I'm considering them for a refit of old acrs and pulsation. Does money buy quality or simply a name. Any opinions
  13. zsnotdead

    Third party data meter...rocs/fits

    Has anyone changed their fit/roc meter to one which records data with a third party,recently my roc meter stopped when it turned 1000mw. I am export and own use. As I had no way to prove my own usage I lost all rocs generated by my own usage and only received rocs on my export only,,kws that I...
  14. zsnotdead

    McHale mowers

    I was thinking of changing my trailed mower to a mounted front back combination. Anyone any experiences of McHale mowers. They seem to be relatively new at making mowers. Only comment I heard was they were heavy compared to the competition
  15. zsnotdead

    New cluster removers

    I need to update some parts of the parlour and rather than fix I may replace partly because no one wants to fix old parlours. What's the best value for money cluster remover,as always must be reliable. Am I better to incorporate a milk meter, does this add must cost. Rather have basic that...
  16. zsnotdead

    Slurry pump,redrock vs nc

    Thinking of a new pump. Both around 2800 to 2850.Which of these 2 pumps is better. Both similar style, redrock or nc
  17. zsnotdead

    Jcb 310s brake failure

    My 12 plate jcb 310s has had a complete brakes failure. Light on dash is on. It has flash a few times during the 12 months I've owned it. Hydraulic were funny including steering for 20 secs after brake failure. Pedal is firm just nothing happens. Any idea where to it hard to fix or...
  18. zsnotdead

    Roc meter

    My roc meter turned from 999.99mw and then stopped.i didn't notice for nearly 2 months as I mistakingly took the end of month pic from the wrong screen. What's the outlook for me and ofgem. I'm export and own use. Own use part hard to prove. Since rhi is now a dirty word,renewables are under an...
  19. zsnotdead

    Scraper Hydraulic valve

    What is the proper name for this valve. It auto reverses a cow scaper. Where can I get one
  20. zsnotdead

    Barbarossa bull

    I've bought a stock bull who was sired by barbarossa. Does anyone know much about him. I don't ai so my knowledge of bulls is not hot

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