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  1. Fuzzy

    Beans and slugs !!!

    My winter beans are getting munched by slugs at the moment, no chance of slug pellets stopping them IMO, so it looks like my first redrill of a crop since 2012 !!
  2. Fuzzy

    Amazone ZAM Max Gearbox

    Anyone replaced the gearboxes on one of these spreaders ? How much do they cost ???
  3. Fuzzy

    Winter Wheat Planting

    With the Weather playing havoc with most farmers plans, what have you managed to get planted ??
  4. Fuzzy

    Bloodhound LSR

  5. Fuzzy

    Seed 4 tonne - KWS Astaire or Funky winter barley

    Seed Wanted - I am looking for 4 tonne KWS Astaire or Funky 6 row winter Barley. SPD Delivered to MK44 2HJ.
  6. Fuzzy

    Compost Turner

    I'm looking to make one of these for on farm compost making. I'd be interested to know if you have one or have made something to turn materials in a row.
  7. Fuzzy

    Cofco - Harvest collection problems

    Anyone having issues with getting Harvest contracts collected ?
  8. Fuzzy

    John Deere 6800 low trans pressure

    Light came on 6800 showing low trans press, what is the cause ?
  9. Fuzzy

    Buckrake or Grass/silage Fork 8 foot

    Buckrake or Grass/Silage fork for use on telehandler. Does not need to be push off type. Needs to be about 8 feet wide in good order (i.e not rotten and with straight tines) Budget is around £500.
  10. Fuzzy

    Merlo Headstock

    Merlo Headstock wanted. Model not important as it will be modified to fit a wheeled digger to allow the use of existing Merlo attachments. Ian.
  11. Fuzzy

    DB885 Pto clutch

    Does the PTO have a seperate clutch ?
  12. Fuzzy

    Farming Girls

  13. Fuzzy

    Dutch Gen openers for CO Horsch

    I am looking for a price for 20 dutch openers to suit Horsch co drill So i need 20 adaptor feet and 20 x 2.5 " openers. Delivery to MK44 2HJ.
  14. Fuzzy

    Yellow Barley

    My winter barley (Orwell) is not looking great at the moment, it established well and before Christmas looked very good, but since then it looks like it has had a dose of roundup. Is the best way to sort it out to put some N on when conditions allow ?
  15. Fuzzy

    Postman Pat - Adult Version !!

  16. Fuzzy

    Low disturbance Subsoiler legs

    I am looking to redesign my subsoiler to have more legs but of the low disturbance type. The cousins micro wing looks favourite at the moment but i'm not sure how well they wear as you have to replace the whole leg each time !! What works well in a DD system ?
  17. Fuzzy

    John Deere 6620/6820/6920

    I'm looking for a John Deere 6620/6820/6920 with suspension (TLS) ideally Quad box less then 6000 hours and in tidy conditon.
  18. Fuzzy

    Road Plannings - 100t North Beds.

    Wanted - 100 tonne road plannings delivered to MK44 North Beds.
  19. Fuzzy

    Field Bean Seed Germination.

    What germination is required to meet C2 seed classification ?
  20. Fuzzy

    Galucho Press Leading tines

    Who supplies parts for Galucho in the UK ? I'm looking for 4 leading tines for my Galucho press ?

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