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  1. nivilla1982


    Cameron achieved a small majority in the 2015 GE, (majority of 12, but working majority of 15 when PSF abstention-ism is factored in) following a coalition with the Lib Dem in the General Election in 2010. Their manifesto for that election committed them to an in/out referendum by 2017. The...
  2. nivilla1982

    Russian government resigns as Vladimir Putin plans future Russian government resigns as Vladimir Putin plans future
  3. nivilla1982

    What is the future for Northern Ireland

    Very probable, but presumably the authorities down south will mark it in some form.
  4. nivilla1982

    What is the future for Northern Ireland

    It will be interesting to see how they commemorate the Civil War down south.
  5. nivilla1982

    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    A mixture presumably, presumably there will be fresh demands for more money etc.
  6. nivilla1982


    Yes he had a youngster with serve health problems at birth (congenital heart defect). The UUP had also made a pledge a number of years ago that if they were in a position to choose a ministry, their first pick would be health.
  7. nivilla1982


    First Minster Arlene Foster (DUP), deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neil (Sinn Fein) Minister for the economy: Diane Dodds (DUP) Minister for education: Peter Weir (DUP) Minister for agriculture, environment and rural affairs: Edwin Poots (DUP) Minister for communities: Deirdre Hargey (Sinn...
  8. nivilla1982

    Donald plays a blinder

  9. nivilla1982

    Donald plays a blinder

    The Israelis were presumably already committed to sabotaging/hindering/destroying the Iranian programme. Either in cooperation with the Americans or without them.
  10. nivilla1982

    My MP can ...

    My "MP" doesn't sit in the chamber but still gets the expenses and allowances!
  11. nivilla1982

    Donald Tusk .
  12. nivilla1982

    Borehole cost

    When dad phoned to enquire about drilling a borehole here, the chap, just asked for an address, then asked what side of the road we were on, dad replied with answer, chap said he could guarantee us water on our side of the road, but not on the other. Presumably he had some sort of geological...
  13. nivilla1982

    Has big Arlene been bridging the gap?

    You would have to understand the level of unionist anger towards the 1985 Anglo Irish Agreement.
  14. nivilla1982

    Has big Arlene been bridging the gap?

    Plus a UK government's of various colours who seem either reluctant or unwilling to stand up for UK interests here at times!
  15. nivilla1982

    Has big Arlene been bridging the gap?

    Arlene Foster: Christian Jessen threatened with legal action over tweet
  16. nivilla1982

    Rebecca Long-Bailey

    Is the voting system used by the Labour party still the same one used to elect Corbyn as party leader?
  17. nivilla1982

    Tory wipeout in scotland??? The Lib Dem MP for Orkney and Shetland did suggest referendums on the islands in the event of the Scottish mainland voting for independence.
  18. nivilla1982

    Crazy past and present labour

    The get of jail letters for IRA terrorists.
  19. nivilla1982


    Irish Freedom Party still exist?
  20. nivilla1982


    Certain sports are run an all island basis so are registered with the Irish Olympic Council etc, so the only means to reach Olympic level in certain sports The UK team at the Olympics is officially the Great Britain team partly due to an argument with the Olympic Council of Ireland. The rugby...

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