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  1. flatliner

    Replacement seat for Massey 8150

    The Grammer air suspension seat in our 8150 is on its last legs. A direct replacement seems to to be in around £700. The tractor is pretty much used for drawing slurry, so not massive hours, but a fair bit of time on the road. So considering a cheaper alternative. Can anyone recommend a good...
  2. flatliner

    Hoof block adhesive

    I've recently started using hoof blocks, after using Cowslips for years. I'm currently using Bovi-Bond adhesive, which is working well. My supplier also has Hoof-Tite adhesive in stock, which is slightly which is roughly a fiver cheaper per tube. Has anyone any experience of Hoof-Tite adhesive...
  3. flatliner

    Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40

    Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40, Nikoplex ret, 1" tube, good condition a part from a couple of very minor marks on the ocular bell, but lenses are perfect. Comes with Nikon bikini covers,but I can include Butler Creek flip ups. Pics via email or WhatsApp. £80 posted £100 ,including Butler Creek flip...
  4. flatliner

    CASE MXM fault code

    MXM 175 is showing a fault code on the side console, F84. Anybody got a quick fix. She's stop somewhere rather inappropriate. :banghead:
  5. flatliner

    Bateman hoof master crush

    We're thinking of changing our hoof trimming crush. We've currently got an old manual Wopa, which is a bit tight for some of our bigger stock. We don't do that many in one go, so I'm thinking of going for a Bateman Hoof Master crush. Has anyone any experience these crushes?
  6. flatliner

    NSAID for calf dehorning

    I've seen a lot of people recommend treating calves with Metacam when dehorning them. Just wondering does Metacam have any benefits over something like Ketofen 10%, which is a bit cheaper?
  7. flatliner

    MF 8150 cab mount bushes

    I've just caught on that the front cab mount bushes on our 8150 are knackered.Is it a big job to change them or is it as straight forward as it looks?
  8. flatliner

    Vac pump gearbox cog removal

    I've got a mec - 86 H vac pump on which the small cog in the gearbox has several broken teeth what's the handiest way to remove the cog? Cheers
  9. flatliner

    Hoof knives for cattle

    I need a couple of new hoof knives. I bought a couple of el cheapos off ebay, but one of them has bent already . Any recommendations for good quality knives?
  10. flatliner

    Blackview BV6000S 4G

    Anyone using or had any experience of the above?
  11. flatliner

    MF 8150 transmission problem

    8150 is playing up again.:banghead: I'm getting an intermittent transmission oil level light coming on even though the level is ok, and losing drive. The steering is also feels a bit gritty, and not getting any trailer brakes, and the flow of oil from the trailer brake bleed screw seems to be...
  12. flatliner

    Hawke Panorama 6-18x50 AO

    Hawke Panorama 6-18x50 AO, 10x 1/2 mildot illuminated reticle, 1 inch tube, good condition.............. £100 posted
  13. flatliner

    Farmyard welder

    Our welder is on it's last legs, after close to 30 years. I do all the welding around the yard, but know very little about welding sets, so I was wondering what you would recommend as a good general purpose welder? It needs to be portable but capable of being used for the likes of making feed...
  14. flatliner

    Stanadyne Perkins injector pump

    Stanadyne Perkins Type 5109 injector pump, originally from a Massey 8110, but fits MF 3600 series as well. Currently on a Massey 3645, in perfect working order. Can be seen running. £900 ono
  15. flatliner

    Bleeding a MF 3645

    Just replaced the injector pump on our 3645, but can't get her to run. When you turn the engine over there's some white smoke, but she won't fire. It's a Stanadyne pump. Any tips on bleeding the system or anything else I should be checking?
  16. flatliner

    MF 3645 injector pump

    Trying to take a Stanadyne injector pump off our MF3645. I've taken the front plat off and removed the 22m nut and spring washer. Should the gear now simple pull off with a couple 8mm bolts in the threaded holes?
  17. flatliner

    TM 190 linkage

    Can the rear linkage on a Tm190 be lower without the engine running?
  18. flatliner

    MF 8240

    Does anyone know what horsepower a 2002 MF 8240 would be? I've tried searching but the results are varied.
  19. flatliner

    Rocker arms

    There's been one of those annoying oil leaks at the rocker cover on our MF 8150, had a bit of time this afternoon to sort it out. Pulled the cover off, and started cleaning around the gasket, and noticed that 4 out of the 6 rocker arms weren't sitting tight on top of the valves, is this normal...
  20. flatliner

    Massey 8150 dynashift problem

    I'm having trouble with our 8150's dynashift. When she warm's up, I can only get 2 out of the 4 gears. When she's switched off and allowed to cool, all works as normal. I've been told that it could be a sticking solenoid. Could someone tell me if the 2 solenoids I've circled on the photo below...

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