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  1. Matt77

    CNH Pro 700 or intelliview maps

    Is anyone running variable rate maps on either of these please, I believe they can read shape files. Is there an unlock required and if the drill is connected via isobus to that screen I’m guessing that it will all work in harmony!!
  2. Matt77

    Skiold grain crusher KB300/3 problems

    Got one of the above, put barley and beans through it, been fairly trouble free for 10 years, maybe not the quickest last winter. It’s been a right pain last few loads, slow, jamming if try and put anything normal speed through, noticed today that it’s running very hot, barley feels hot once...
  3. Matt77

    RDS Artemis cable to CNH pro 700 screen

    I asked this question years ago but I can’t find it by searching, probably doing something wrong, I’ve tried making my own and failed back then. I now have the data to go variable rate drilling and would like to connect my Case pro 700 screen to the Artemis box, is anyone doing this, how much is...
  4. Matt77

    Kawasaki mule banging while in 4wd

    Anyone else had this and understand what causes it to happen, driving habits etc. I’m about to repair a second mule from the same farm with what looks like the same fault, it sounds like the banging is coming from the front, but when you take the bevel gearbox apart there’s a dog type clutch in...
  5. Matt77

    Isuzu D max Bluetooth error

    I’ve got a 64 plate d max with a pioneer avic-f860bt radio in it, the Bluetooth comes up with error 2 whenever you press it, the options are greyed out so you can’t change anything, it shows the Bluetooth visibility as off, I can’t change it. Anyone had this problem or know of a solution, google...
  6. Matt77

    Odd size tyres on bateman

    Neighbour has knacked a flotation on his bateman, trying to source a used tyre is proving tricky, he’s got 580 65 22.5 on it at mo, can’t find any used at mo, I’ve found plenty of 560 60 22.5 though, I think I already know the answer but thought I’d ask anyway, being a 60 profile that will make...
  7. Matt77

    Forage maize growing costs

    As per title, just interested in what the rough cost, per hectare say, of growing this and has anyone put it into a blackgrass situation and seen improvements, I’ve not been involved in maize for 10 years so well out of touch with costs and agronomy. If it could be broken down into...
  8. Matt77

    Isuzu D-Max Pioneer Bluetooth error 02

    Just collected my new to me Utah this morning, did all checks on test drive and quick look over on collection, only thing I didn’t check was if Bluetooth worked, it doesn’t. It shows error 02 and shows it’s not visible to phone, I can’t change that settings plus the Bluetooth icon is grayed out...
  9. Matt77

    JCB js130 cab heater

    I’ve a new to me 2012 machine, air con working great, well was cold for the hour or so I used it today, but I thought I’d check if it would blow hot, for the winter, nothing, stayed cold as even set at 36, I think it was, anyone had this before? Is there something I need to turn?
  10. Matt77

    Arag seletron

    Started messing about, got the teflon discs coming but are on back order, I'm now not convinced they are the problem. Not all nozzles open, the higher the water rate the worse it is, the higher the pressure the worse it is, if I drop below 1.5 bar I can get them all to open at 100L/ha, just...
  11. Matt77

    Forklift test renewal

    so a neighbour has had a health and safety audit and been told something that has completely passed me by unless anyone can show me different, he’s been told you have to renew the forklift test every 5 years, days training and test apparently, did mine 22-23 years ago and thought that was it...
  12. Matt77

    Fast tow fuel bowsers

    I’m a bit slow to pick this up, I see from 9th of May old fuel bowers are no good on the road, what’s the difference, can an old one be updated? Mines home made before my time so unsure of the age. What’s the punishment?
  13. Matt77

    Grain storage grants

    looking at finally getting around to new grain store and lean too, with mobile grain dryer, any grants about for any of that does anyone know? TIA. I always seem to learn of a grant after I’ve done something so thought I’d ask the question.
  14. Matt77

    Gatekeeper web app

    anyone else having problems loading it? Can’t get mine to load up on any device. Says loading but stays on the site ID page and does nothing.
  15. Matt77

    CNH Electristeer fault

    I’ve got the Case version on my sprayer, been fine up until Sunday, used Friday with no problems, Sunday it didn’t want to know. Comes up with a fault warning saying can’t engage and if problem doesn’t clear reset system. I’ve not reset it yet as I’d rather not lose all settings, I’ve done some...
  16. Matt77

    Repair Titan single skin oil tank

    I’ve had ago with fibreglass in a tin but only on the outside, worked until I moved the tank with liquid in, which I want to do, any better ideas than fibreglass ?? It’s an 8 inch crack that needs repairing. I think I’m too fat to get inside to repair from there :oops: Just to clarify, it’s one...
  17. Matt77

    FYM storage

    I want to start getting muck to one of my blocks of land that hasn’t ever had it as far as I’m aware, I keep getting mixed answers to storing muck on land. The land is all drained and has dykes surrounding and dividing the whole block so the 10meter thing is impossible. There is also some SSSI...
  18. Matt77


    Anyone know if there’s a minimum age for this on calves? Paperwork mentions lambs but not calves.
  19. Matt77

    Arag spray system high pressure, Househam

    I’ve got a Househam spirit with Arag rate control, it’s got individual nozzle control and runs on pressure and flow. If I spray the tank right out to last drop, when I start the next tank the pressure runs around to 7+ bar (off the gauge) which if I don’t react too it blows a pipe off, also at...
  20. Matt77

    Gatekeeper second computer

    I know it’s possible but would like to hear user experience, are there any issues having gatekeeper on a second computer off farm, I’d like to use it on my home PC as well as the office one, are there any known issues with data sync etc? I have the web app already that I use in the sprayer and...

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