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  1. Against_the_grain

    Am I alone with Davis Enviromonitor weatherlink?!

    Does anyone else use Weatherlink to monitor the weather. I have been using it a year now and it is awful as far as I am concerned. I cant even see what the previous months rainfall was!? Im using a Davis vantage Pro2 weather station which seems ok but the software is truly pants. Can I run...
  2. Against_the_grain

    Dale eco m

    Interested to hear users opinions on the eco m.
  3. Against_the_grain

    Winter Beans and Soya Beans

    We grow Winter Beans in the rotation and get on well with them. Obviously we try not to grow them more than 1 year in 6, so if we were to look at introducing Soya beans, would this then be counted as a winter bean crop, in terms of rotation? and likewise need a similar gap, or are they a...
  4. Against_the_grain

    Grain trailer service

    Can anyone reccomend a company that will have a look at our the brakes and hubs on our grain trailers and give them a service?
  5. Against_the_grain

    Dutch Farmers

    Whats happening in the Netherlands at the moment? Massive protests by farmers causing huge traffic delays as seen on social media.
  6. Against_the_grain

    Slow grain movement

    Is anyone else struggling like crazy to get lorries this year? Despite 1500t of wheat cut and sold for harvest movement we have had 1 lorry move 29t of grain...might get a couple tomorrow otherwise its middle if next week. Still have harvest movement osr in the shed which they cant move...
  7. Against_the_grain

    Claas telematics targets

    Can anyone tell me what targets Claas recommend for their telematics. Ive temporarily misplaced my notes. Process time Turn around time Idle etc..
  8. Against_the_grain

    Variable rate n through a sprayer

    I've just started playing around with variable rate N through my sprayer. I've stayed away from it before due to a combination of cost, lacking appropriate machinery and a lack of faith in the basic principles. However we are now in a position where we have the machinery to be able to do it and...
  9. Against_the_grain

    Vario or powershift

    I should know the answer to this question but I'm not sure I do any more. Looking at a new tractor 150-180hp. Main roles are spraying, transport, bit of cultivation/ploughing and rolling. Current tractor is powershift but a vario would be well suited to this role going forward. The problem is...
  10. Against_the_grain

    Gatekepeer update

    Despite opting out of gatekeeper information sharing I am now able to see the dashboard with everyone who has opted in's most used products! The selling point of opting in to data sharing was that it would give exclusive access to see what the most used products in your area were. This it seems...
  11. Against_the_grain

    AHA and land purchase/sale

    A smallish part of our farm is owned by relations who want to sell the land to us. We have an AHA tenancy on the property which is for 3 generations(?) of which im the third. I have hopefully over 40 years farming left. What is the value of this land? As we are AHA tenants the value must be...
  12. Against_the_grain

    Fuel usage recording - 2 businesses

    We have two businesses operating out of our yard and both share the same fuel tank. Going forward we are going to need to separate each businesses usage out in a recordable and easy to use way. Do any users know of any systems which will allow me to do this? I want to avoid having to write...
  13. Against_the_grain

    Drying straw rows

    Is a single rotor grass rake any good for drying wet rows of straw behind the combine or is a proper wuffler/conditioner what's needed?
  14. Against_the_grain

    Lamma and lack of quotes

    Is it just me. We were at lamma recently and spoke to maybe 5 different companies about an item we are looking at purchasing in the next couple of months. Not a small item either £10,000+ Not one company has got back in touch with a quote. Not one! What's the point in exhibiting at these shows...
  15. Against_the_grain

    Case Optum

    Anybody got one or have an opinion on the Optum. Looks like a lot of tractor for the money and seems to hold its value well. Not heard much about them and was interested.
  16. Against_the_grain

    Claas S10 and Trimble

    Does anyone know if a claas S10 screen will operate a trimble easy pilot or e steer system? Also can an S10 be made to run off of a trimble RTK base station?
  17. Against_the_grain

    Claas telematics

    Anyone else having issues? Have been told that they are having issues in Germany and we have been without for 5 days now.
  18. Against_the_grain

    Claas telematics

    Anyone else having issues? Have been told that they are having issues in Germany and have been without for 5 days now.
  19. Against_the_grain

    Does anyone know how to make adblue?

    Am I right in thinking that adblue is basically liquid fertiliser. We use a lot here with the various machinery we operate and speaking to someone today they thought there would be scope to make our own, and potentially look at supplying it. I cant seem to find much on the internet about the...
  20. Against_the_grain


    I have had a quick search on here but cant find much about it. Has anyone grown it commercially here? Can it be done? I see that its being harvested in the states atm and they call it milo.

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