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  1. Dead Rabbits

    How do you carry your reels and posts?

    How does everyone with a four wheeler carry their reels and posts? I have tried a couple ways in the past but it usually breaks due to rough lanes/vibrations/poor driving. Currently this is what we do. Zip tied some tarp straps to the rack to hold the reels on.
  2. Dead Rabbits

    UK Visit

    I am planning on taking some time off and going for a look see around your country this coming February. Looking for some input from y’all. I’d like to meet some farmers, dairy primarily (have a good number of you on Snapchat) and see a friend over there. Plan is to fly to London and then go to...
  3. Dead Rabbits

    WTF Gallagher?

    Tried to order a box of these from our Gallagher dealer and was told they were discontinued. Is this just here or over there as well? Hard to understand why they would quit making the only post of theirs that was worth a sh!t.
  4. Dead Rabbits

    Journalist on a Vermont dairy farm One of the more interesting articles about dairy from a complete “outsider” point of view
  5. Dead Rabbits

    DIY tractor robotics

    @Clive interesting article about this guy in farm journal.
  6. Dead Rabbits

    Modern Education

  7. Dead Rabbits

    The robotic rotary seems to be coming along. Slowly
  8. Dead Rabbits

    A viable alternative to insecticides for fly control? Always wary of using insecticides on cows (or anything) could this be effectively used to reduce or eliminate fly spraying on dairy farms?
  9. Dead Rabbits

    PI problems

    So we have a PI issue here. It is tank specific. We have two identical tanks and only one of them ever reads above 0. It is sporadic and could go for weeks or a month at zero then suddenly jump to 10 or 200 or 700. The tank shows no sign of build up. And we even wash it twice between loads...
  10. Dead Rabbits

    What does everyone drive?

    I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone drives. I will start with mine. I like to drive a small, cheap, relatively fuel efficient car that is at least ten years old with a low cost of ownership.This makes it cheap to tag and insure. This is my current one, an 08 Scion...
  11. Dead Rabbits

    Career Moves: What would you do?

    So here recently out of the blue I got a call asking if I would be interested in managing a 500 cow, seasonal, organic dairy farm on the west coast. I wasn't looking for a job and do not even have a resume/CV current. They said that I came highly recommended by a consultant friend of mine. I...
  12. Dead Rabbits

    Livestock Handling Skills: I find them rare

    So as a person who has been around bovines the majority of my life, I can safely say I have met one person that I can tolerate working cattle with. Am I doing something wrong or is everyone else? When I interact with any group of cattle, beef or dairy, my goals are: Get the cattle to want to...
  13. Dead Rabbits

    Colostrum and calving systems

    So what's everyone doing for colostrum feeding? What is your protocol? Like amount, temp, test, timing, tools, tube or bottle used etc Also, does anyone have experience block calving a decent size herd with a limited (largely untrained and inexperienced) labor force? I am very unhappy with how...
  14. Dead Rabbits

    No-Till soybeans

    Just thought I would share some pictures of my dads soybeans this year.(that ain't me in the picture) Probably some of the best looking beans they have ever grown, on some of the poorest ground they farm. I am guesstimating yield at 80+ bushel/acre. Preceding crop was radish, turnip, rye...
  15. Dead Rabbits

    Most expensive way to make corn silage?

    Have these guys figured out the most expensive way to make corn silage on a relatively large scale? Look at the amount of machinery!
  16. Dead Rabbits

    Milk from Forage only 100% grass fed

    To avoid cluttering up other threads I started this one. So if anyone is producing or has produced milk from 100% Forage I would like to hear from you. This would include the replacements and dry cows not being fed concentrate as well. In the next year there is supposed to be a market for...
  17. Dead Rabbits

    Some Americans do graze their dairy cattle

    I have been reading through this forum and have enjoyed learning about U.K agricultural so I thought I would contribute a bit. So not all U.S dairy farms are full confinement feeding a TMR, there are a few who graze. The vast majority of American milk does come from large confinement herds...

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