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  1. J

    Planting spring wheat with ergot in it

    Going to be planting spring wheat off the heap. It’s got some ergot in it should I get it cleaned or nothing to worry about? Only the second year we have grown it so no idea. cheers
  2. J

    Grain color sorter

    Is there or has anyone got a small Color sorter for on farm use as oppose to going to cam grain or someone similar? Wondering if they are available.
  3. J

    Tine drill

    Looking for a tine drill, something like Kuhn, weavering or Kverneland. to buy or hire
  4. J

    Fitting blue lights to sprayer boom

    Are they best in front, behind or inline with the nozzles? Cheers
  5. J

    What sort of valve is this

    Anyone know what this is? It’s leaking a bit. It’s on a simba cultipress
  6. J

    Photon nightvision scope

    Selling one of my mk1 photons with doubler. £300. I have 3 of these they are brilliant for the money I have one on my 22.250 and hmr, with extra ir torch I can see further than I can shoot
  7. J

    Front mounted flail topper

    Looking for a front rear flail topper. Close to Cambridge please
  8. J

    Shelbourne Reynolds hedge cutter belt numbers

    Anyone know what belts fit the fail head? got one gone and can't see the numbers one the other. It's a 1.5m head although number in parts book shows no difference between 1.5 and 1.2m heads. Cheers
  9. J

    Spring wheat and ergot

    Got a lovely 30ha field of spring wheat Cochise but it’s got lots of ergot in the sample😢😢😢. What’s anyone’s else like?
  10. J

    Myjohndeere maps

    I can’t remember how to get the maps from the combine to myjohndeere. I’ve download on to my usb but can’t remember how to do it through data manager. Can anyone help? Cheers john
  11. J


    anyone else have trouble mixing zypar? this year and last year it’s gone all snotty in the tank. Tank mix is asana 3ccc and zypar, last year was a different mix but same result.
  12. J

    Jcb 4220 and baler

    new jcb4220 and Mchale round baler stolen from Oliver’s in kings Langley.
  13. J

    Are this lot legit

    anyone know if this lot are legit Item on eBay. Zero feedback
  14. J

    Fitting a camera to back of spayer

    trying to fit a camera to the back of sprayer to see if any nozzles are blocked, but I need a wider angle camera as the normal reversing one are to narrow. Any one got any recommendations. Cheers
  15. J

    Anyone live near bothwell

    dont suppose anyone on here lives in or near bothwell, bit of an unusual One Iam interested in some mobile toilets. But Iam 300 miles away, so looking for someone to have a look at them. Not a major purchase but don’t won’t a wasted journey. Cheers john
  16. J

    Topcon x25 v's x35

    looking at getting either one of these to replace the old small yellow topcon screen for the 4220. Wanting something to do sprayer auto shut off and possibly run a fert spreader through the iso plug. Both will run what we need although the x25 needs an unlock code for iso control. Are the bigger...
  17. J

    Where to buy low n propino

    Ive got some propino with slightly high n, so Iam looking for some lower stuff to blend. Looking fo 2/3 loads. And one got any to sell or know where I could get some? Thanks
  18. J

    D socket plug for tractors

    Iam looking for for some 3 pin D sockets plugs on the internet, but can’t find them. What’s there real name? Cheers john
  19. J

    Herbst concrete crusher

    iam after hireing a crusher. Needs to be a smallish one but bigger than a rhino crusher. I saw one today heading towards Huntingdon from Ramsey Cambridgeshire. Wondering if anyone knows who's it is, or knows of own locally for hire. Cheers john
  20. J

    1 load of low n Spring barley

    looking for 1 load of low n Spring barley anyone got some to sell? Closer to Cambridge the better. Thanks john

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