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    Top hat filters in spray line

    Do many operators use top hat filters with Guardian Air nozzles?
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    Any tips on drying Soyabeans.

    As above. Using a batch dryer, 19% down to 14%. Thanks.
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    Horsch Express TD

    I'm thinking one of these would be ideal for our light land, but they don't seem very popular. Any opinions would be welcome.
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    Spray store shed

    Need a 40x20ft cheap steel building to cover a spray handling area. Not sure whether to build my own or get a kit building. Any suggestions or advice would be welcome. Thanks
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    Winter oats and vetch

    At what rate do should I sow winter oats & vetch?
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    Kuhn M EMC

    looking at one of these at the moment. If we buy one with emc do you need a weigh cell as well or is it a luxury ? Thoughts please.
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    Soya Beans

    Has anyone direct drilled soya beans?
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    Disc's under Solitare drill

    Does anyone use Hellidor disc's underneath a Lemken Solitare drill? Sometimes a power harrow can be a bit overkill and working ground too much even though I slow rota speed down, plus diesel use.
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    Potash Plus

    Anyone using or used potash plus and any opinions welcome
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    Wanted, flip flop scales for potato harvester

    Does anyone know where a set of walthambury bagging scales for a single row potato harvester may be lying around?
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    Grimme single row potato harvester

    Does anyone know where there might be a used Grimme bagging single row harvester?
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    JD SF1 line sensitivity

    Running sf1 on 6000 receiver, drilling on cultivated land the autosteer is brilliant. When drilling on ploughed and pressed land it is all over the place. I do have a front flexi coil press. What line sensitivity should I be using also steering sensitivity?
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    JD 3050 Lower lift arm

    Does anyone know where I can find a s/hand left hand lower lift arm for a JD 3050 Tried Nick Young but no joy
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    Amazone isobus & JD Greenstar

    Thinking of buying a Amazone UF sprayer with isobus and running it on a JD 6r series with isobus. Question is which is the best way to utilise auto shut off, all through Gen 4 screen or buy an Amatron 3 box to run along side? Suggestions please..
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    Greenstar & Amaspray+

    Might be the wrong forum. We are looking at a Amazone UF1501 sprayer with Amaspray+ controller. Is there anyway that we could make it auto shut off with the Greenstar or do we need to buy an off the shelf system eg. Teejet with a separate receiver? Advice welcome
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    Urea and potatoes

    Does anyone use urea as a base fertiliser when growing potatoes? We use mop, Keiserite and urea before planting. Any thoughts/advice
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    Got itech setup for drilling, just had first service on tractor ,went to drill tonight and itech cones up with system error an will not work. Can anyone give me some advice please.
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    Lemken Mounted sprayer

    Has anyone got any experience/comments on the sirus 10?
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    Lemken Sirus 10 Sprayer

    Anyone got a Lemken mounted sprayer and what are your opinions?
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    Greenstar sf1

    Probably been asked before,but is sf1 accurate enough for drilling ? Local dealership says hes got quite a few people drilling with it . What about drift if going back to farm to fill up? Any advice please..

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