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    EU Production Standards

    We hear much about our need to be aligned with the EU regarding standards in livestock production systems and presumably in food safety. Considering the disparity within the EU, surely they cannot all exercise production systems and food processing facilities which exceed ours. So do we have...
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    Scotland invades England

    It has just been announced that the Scottish Government has given QMS a £90,000 grant to promote Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb in England. A well-known, but as yet unidentified chain store in England, is exclusively to sell only Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb. We all know that Scotch Beef (if not...
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    Chewing the cud

    The thread on feeding oats, asked how many whole grains appear in the dung. There are far fewer grains passing through where cattle or sheep spend more time cudding. Has anyone observed the effect on cudding in cattle where they are bedded on either: Slats, Cubicles, Dirty straw, or Clean straw.
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    Mobile phone tax allowance

    Does anyone have a standard figure for the annual cost of a mobile to claim against tax? What annual gross cost would the Taxman or Accountant accept in lieu of actual receipts? £150? £200? , £300? etc.
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    Brexit Party is over

    The latest polling suggests that the Brexit Party is in terminal decline. Those of who are ardent leavers are forever grateful to Nigel for instigating the Referendum, but it is a relief that the Brexit Party candidates are now much less likely to split the Leave vote to the benfit of the...
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    Party Minifestos

    I have always voted in a GE, and yet I have never seen or read a Party Manifesto. Am I the only one?
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    VAT on holiday lets

    We are currently renovating a property on the farm to bring it up to an acceptable standard for holiday lets as part of the farm business. And the higher the rents achievable, the higher the income tax revenue for HMRC. No VAT will be added to the rent, so obviously we will be unable to reclaim...
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    Swift court action

    How is it that between Saturday night at 11 pm, and 36 hours later on Monday morning, a court in Edinburgh was convened to sit in immediate judgement on the UK's Prime Minister. Who arranged that such a trial should take place at such short notice.?
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    Boris's deal could strengthen NI as part of UK

    The general opinion seems to be that Boris's plan, which includes a Border in the Irish Sea, has shafted the DUP and has therefore increased the risk of a United Ireland. I might be naïve, but if his deal is more acceptable to the other political parties and Nationalists in NI, surely that...
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    A no-deal brexit disastress for Ireland It's certainly worth a read.
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    Homing sheep

    A local story described how a bought-in Shetland ewe disappeared and was presumed to be returning home. I'd forgotten about similar stories years ago about individual ewes travelling great distances to get back to their old stamping ground ( just like dogs, homing pigeons, garden snails...
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    Is leave on 31st Oct still the law?

    If it is still the law that we leave on 31st October, and that seems to be the informed opinion, how can that law be changed? This might sound naïve, but Parliament voted some time ago to leave on the 31st October, without specifying deal or no deal. So how can the Speaker, regardless of how...
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    Kangaroo Court in Edinburgh

    I cannot understand how three unelected judges sitting in Edinburgh can decide such a massive issue in such a short time. It seems to me that they found our Prime Minister guilty of a very serious crime in his absence and without the involvement of any Jury. To me that is not a fair and...
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    Can the Observer and Guardian sink any lower

    Dominic Cummings' farm is reported to have received 235,000 Euros in subsidy. The Observer and the Guardian are making an issue of the fact that it turns out that along with his parents and one other person, Cummings owns a farm in County Durham, and that the farm has received 20,000 Euros each...
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    Reverting to acres

    Now that we seem likely at last to be free of the shackles of the EU, can we start a petition to revert to acres? Acres are part of our culture. Hectares are not part of our culture.
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    Our Trade with the Republic of Ireland

    The border between the ROI and NI seems to be a major issue. But of all the trade between the UK and the ROI, What proportion goes by road over the border, and then into NI or onward by ferry from Larne to ports in the West of Scotland. What proportion goes by sea from Irish ports to UK ports...
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    Tax relief on loan fees

    If a long-term loan has an arrangement fee - say £1200 on a £100,000 loan, can the fee be offset against income tax. (I am assuming that the loan is for business purposes and that the interest can be offset against Tax). If it can, it would be sensible to pay the fee rather than having it...
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    who's getting excited

    I'm quite looking forward to Thursday's vote. Even Scotland might end up with one or two Brexit MEPs. :)
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    Deal or No Deal - choose one option

    If Theresa May's deal is not agreed, which of the above options would you prefer?
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    Oldest bull in service

    What's the oldest Bull anyone is using. We have a Limousin Bull that is just over 10 His feet are still good and have never been paired, but even though he is fit and well-fleshed, we know he only has one or two years left.

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