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    Johnston Tractors to lose JD

    John Deere have been flexing their muscles again. Johnston Tractors to lose JD franchise at all 3 depots. Cornthwaites are to take on the areas affected. It would seem the super dealers are to get bigger.
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    Manitou 523 turbo drive problem

    Good evening all. My neighbor has an intermittent fault on his manitou. It is a 1995 with mechanical shuttle. Sometimes when engaging drive it seems to be under strain (like the handbrake is on). If it is then stopped and started again it drives ok. Oil and filter have been changed. Open to...
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    2015 Tractor registrations 2015

    The market share data for 2015 was: 30.2% (3655 units) JOHN DEERE 27.1% (3283 units) CNH (inc Case and New Holland) 21.3% (2577 units) AGCO (inc MF, Fendt, Valtra and Challenger) 6.7% (810 units) KUBOTA 4.8% (583 units) CLAAS 2.4% (289 units AGRI-ARGO (inc McCormick, Landini) 2.3% (284 units)...
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    Murray Simpson sale ceres

    Did anyone go to to the vintage dispersal sale today. Just wondering how it went.
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    John Deere 8000 series SPFH

    Saw a new 8500 at a dealers a few weeks ago looks a fair tool. Lots of improvements been made. Anybody running one ?
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    Tractor Parts: JF Stoll -

    Tractor Parts: JF Stoll - Category: Tractor Parts Manufacturer: JF Stoll Price: £750 Condition: Used Description: R Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here [SIZE=2]This post was automatically created via...

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