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  1. Bogweevil

    Thought French would be too sensible but it seems not

    You might think a famously logical nation might not be so silly...
  2. Bogweevil

    I love stuff like this...

    (Beyond Pesticides, January 7, 2020) It may seem peculiar at first sight, but painting zebra stripes on domestic cattle has the potential to significantly reduce the livestock industry’s use of toxic pesticides, according to research published last year by Japanese scientists at the Aichi...
  3. Bogweevil

    House of Commons, Environmental Audit Committee; Our Planet, Our Health

    Oh bother, even HMG is at it now: The Government has a responsibility to raise public awareness of its Eatwell Guide, identify ways to promote the consumption of healthy diets that are sustainably produced and ensure the public sector leads by example in reducing meat and dairy consumption...
  4. Bogweevil

    Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops

    Alternative crop, no more rapeseed woes: NEW YORK: It’s a sign of the times when farmers make more money advocating for the industry on social media than actually farming. Zach Johnson, who grows corn and soybeans in Minnesota, is known in YouTube circles as MN Millennial Farmer. It’s a role...
  5. Bogweevil

    Beef impact low in Europe, highest in S America
  6. Bogweevil

    Glyphosate works best at dawn (in the lab)

    the herbicidal effectiveness of glyphosate can depend upon the time of day of application5,6,7,8. One mechanism that influences the timing of responses of plants to their environment is the circadian clock. Circadian rhythms are biological cycles with a period of about 24 h that persist in the...
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    Repeal the weed act petition Repeal the archaic Weeds Act 1959 to benefit pollinators and wider biodiversity. This Act drives destruction of native wildflower species so essential to the survival of pollinators & other wildlife. Plants targeted by the Act include common &...
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    Food waste in primary production in the UK Share 25th July 2019

    Main findings The central estimate for the total amount of food surplus and waste is 3.6 million tonnes per annum, or 7.2% of all food harvested. If this wasted and surplus food had been sold at market values, it would have had a value of £1.2 billion. Some small part of this value is recovered...
  9. Bogweevil

    UK farm productivity - ADAS Presentation to Parliamentary group

    How to raise UK farm productivity - God, this is going to get some people on here going: High yields are possible on most farms −Yields strongly influenced by ‘Farm Factor’ • It’s less about what you spend, more about … ‘Attention to Detail’ • High yields associated with − Wheat crops with more...
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    Wheat myth debunked

    Common opinion has it that modern wheat is so reliant on fertilizer and crop protection agrochemicals that the plants now lack the hardiness needed to remain productive under harsher environmental conditions. But comprehensive new research shows that modern wheat varieties out-perform older...
  11. Bogweevil

    Good news about manure

    Good news friends, scientists have mapped the world's manure: Cannot help but feel this is absurd on several levels...
  12. Bogweevil

    Seawater in irrigation water - test

    Can you buy test kits for salt, i.e. chloride, contamination in irrigation water?
  13. Bogweevil

    PAN UK, Wildlife and Countryside Link and RSPB quit VI

    Dear Secretary of State We are writing to you today on behalf of the RSPB, Wildlife and Countryside Link and Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) ... to announce our formal resignation from the Pesticides Forum and Voluntary Initiative. .. today, we are officially resigning from these...
  14. Bogweevil

    Inside the factory

    Great publicity for the spud and OSR industry: Full disclosure - I have never eaten a potato waffle and never will if I can avoid it.
  15. Bogweevil

    Robert Goodwill MP

    Robert Goodwill MP Robert Goodwill was appointed as a Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on 5 March 2019. He was formerly Minister of State at the Department for Education from June 2017 to January 2018. He was elected Conservative MP for Scarborough and...
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    Pick your own aisles

    Pick your own aisles coming to supermarkets soon - sugar beet growers should probably not get too excited.
  17. Bogweevil

    First national maps of pesticide and fertiliser use

    Enjoy: Apparently England and Wales are one country
  18. Bogweevil

    Insects on the brink

    More research needed...
  19. Bogweevil

    Glyphosate again

    PARIS (Reuters) - A French court cancelled the licence for one of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based weedkillers on Tuesday over safety concerns, placing an immediate ban on Roundup Pro 360 in the latest legal blow to the Bayer-owned business. A court in Lyon in southeast France ruled that the...
  20. Bogweevil

    UK Progress on Reducing Nitrate Pollution

    Latest on nitrate pollution:

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