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    Potatoes splitting

    We had Ramos exactly the same, seed was full of virus. Didn't see it in the seed though.
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    Top hat filters in spray line

    Uhmmmm, will check tomorrow.
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    Top hat filters in spray line

    We've put a pink pressure filter in, running Guardian Air 03s. Chap who services & MOTs it says no need for top hat filters now, but worried about blocked nozzles.
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    Top hat filters in spray line

    Do many operators use top hat filters with Guardian Air nozzles?
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    Frontier to blame for holding the OSR price down?

    I heard it was poor quality.
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    Potato harvest

    Depends which side of the fence their sitting!!!!
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    Getting concerned

    What part of W.Mids?
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    Potato harvest

    Friend grew Rock 2yrs ago I think, full of internal problems..
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    Potato harvest

    Haven't grown piper here this year, fed up with all the problems. Saggitta went well but can't get hold of any seed. thinking of trying some Ramos.
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    Today at work

    Where did you get wheel from on augar?
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    Uk Soya Bean crop 2019?

    Don’t think I would grow them after this season.
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    Any tips on drying Soyabeans.

    Harvested today, not ours, we're just contractors. Got to the point they were going to have it. Will you be growing any more?
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    Any tips on drying Soyabeans.

    Brilliant, thanks for advice. will be drying very slowly tomorrow.
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    Any tips on drying Soyabeans.

    As above. Using a batch dryer, 19% down to 14%. Thanks.
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    Potato harvest

    Just enquiring, has anyone grown Valencia potatoe?
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    Drilling anyone?

    60mm here, but fields drilled last week don't look to bad today.
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    Potato harvest

    Which weather app is that?
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    Harvest 2019

    Realistically, how far north should they be grown?
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    Horsch Express TD

    I'm thinking one of these would be ideal for our light land, but they don't seem very popular. Any opinions would be welcome.
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    Today at work

    Rather be using a towing strap as well. Been a few nasty accidents with chains breaking and going through cab windows.

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