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  1. mattydraw

    Telehandler tyres

    What’s best tyres to put on telehandler,wanted for yard and field work.currently got mitas 405/70 R24 and done about 4600 hours
  2. mattydraw

    suzuki or Honda

    thinking of upgrading our old honda quad,thinking either honda 420 or suzuki kingquad 400 auto.anyone got either?
  3. mattydraw

    Taurus tyres

    What’s people’s opinions on these tyres,apparently made by Michelin and same side walls but tread not as strong.same price as Bkt.would be going on a 50k tractor doing a fair amount of road work
  4. mattydraw

    Tyre size

    I’ve got a New Holland t6070 range command.its got 460/85R38 and 380/85 R28.the tears are 60%tread but fronts have worn quicker with it being 50k.tyre dealer has told me to put 420/70 R28 on fronts because they will wear better but will it be ok with the same rear tyres?
  5. mattydraw

    Round bale handler

    whats best value for money round bale handler?
  6. mattydraw

    red clover

    anyone feed red clover to ewes before and during lambing?
  7. mattydraw

    Replacement seat merlo 32.6

    Where’s best place to get a replacement seat for my merlo 32.6?
  8. mattydraw

    Dowdeswell plough

    My old DP8 has broken so looking for a new plough,ive seen a tidy DP100 ma withh dd boards 5 furrow,looks a lot stronger than my DP8.anyone got one?
  9. mattydraw

    Front weight block

    What's best type of front weight block concrete or metal??seen a very tidy metal one made by rite engineering.
  10. mattydraw

    New Holland 6070

    Any one got a 6070 range command?any problems?thinking of swapping tsa 125 for one
  11. mattydraw

    Kubota rtv

    What are the new Kubota rtv like?currently run a Kawasaki mule 4010 and is due for change this year
  12. mattydraw

    Spotlights for merlo

    Thinking of replacing the crap candle spotlights on my merlo 32.6,any recommendations ??
  13. mattydraw

    12.5/80 15.3

    Is there a super single replacement for this size tyre?
  14. mattydraw

    Bunning greedy boards

    Has anyone got a bunning spreader with greedy boards ?
  15. mattydraw

    Krone overalls

    Anyone got a pair?are they any good?
  16. mattydraw

    Nc tanker

    Anyone got or know of anybody with a 2250 or 2500 nc tanker?
  17. mattydraw

    Bale trailer

    What are the pros and cons of having a bake trailer on sprung axels instead of bogey
  18. mattydraw

    Rolland RT115

    Anyone got one or used one?
  19. mattydraw


    Has anyone re-mapped a tractor?is it worth it and do you find much difference?
  20. mattydraw

    Trailer transport

    I've seen a tidy grain trailer for sale,any ideas how much it would cost to transport from Devon to North Wales ?

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