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  1. 2YardOfLard

    Mesh Dog Run?

    Where would I go to buy galvanised mesh panels, one with a gate, to build a dog run? (I've tried a couple of places found on Google but they stop returning my calls when they find out I'm in Scotland!)
  2. 2YardOfLard

    Buildings and contents insurance

    We just got a renewal quote for insurance of house, contents, sheds and liability. It's gone up by half as much again on last year and apparently that includes a 15% discount if we tied in with the same company for 5 years (and no obligation on their part to hold the premium at that level for...
  3. 2YardOfLard

    Huntaway Breeders & advice

    I'm due a pup soon & thinking of getting either a pure huntaway, or collie cross huntaway. I'm doing less gathering for other farms now & there are days when the old collie has no sheep work to do. I'm thinking that I need something a bit more laid back that could switch off from sheep & get...
  4. 2YardOfLard

    Looking for a mule breeder.

    I'm looking for a regular supply of very small numbers of traditional Scotch Mules. I'd like to hear from producers who may have what I need, or from buyers who recommend someone. (Or if you don't recommend someone, I will keep any messages 100% confidential.) The easiest way to explain what...
  5. 2YardOfLard

    Can't be Schmallenberg, can it?

    Had a deformed lamb born in the night. Both front legs very bent, neck bent to one side. Just put it down to a random accident & buried it. Thinking about it now I'm more awake, it's twin is the right shape but a bit stupid. Now I've another ewe looking like she's trying to lamb but the cervix...
  6. 2YardOfLard

    Artificial calf colostrum

    I know the best answer is the real stuff but I'm in a corner where I need some artificial calf colostrum put by just in case (small number of cows in very remote location, no colostrum left in the freezer, the cow that had the dreadful summer mastitis is probably going to calve first ...
  7. 2YardOfLard

    Old oat variety?

    Does anyone know where I can find small quantities of avena strigosa oats? We call it "small oat" or "coirce beag" . (Some people seem to call it "black oat" but that name also seems to be used for several different varieties.) I don't mind if it's on it's own or mixed with bere barley and rye...
  8. 2YardOfLard

    Cows' heat behaviour

    Got a cow that was A.I.ed three weeks ago. Started showing some signs of being in heat last nigh then calmed down again & changed her mind. No access to a bull or more AI for a few weeks now & they'll be all PDed at 2 months or so anyway, so it's a bit academic but do they still believe in...
  9. 2YardOfLard

    Small off-roader?

    Hi, Just on my way over to "introductions" but meantime, a bit of advice please- Mrs Lard is looking for a small, easy to drive car or van that can get up our hill in all weathers carrying a few bags of hen feed etc. It's not off-road exactly but a gravel track with grass down the middle & some...

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