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  1. neilo

    Anyone Received Environmental Payments for 2019

    For anyone in Wales waiting on Glastir money, you can now sign up for a ‘support scheme’, similar to that for BPS. If you opt in, which is just a tickbox online affair, you will get 50% of the money owed at the end of February, in the event that your payments are delayed. If they are processed...
  2. neilo

    Sheep Scanning

    Dr Alun Davies, who was involved with Cambridge sheep from the start and is still secretary of their Society, did set about breeding 4 teated ewes at one point. Through selection I seem to remember him saying they had got up to some sheep that had 50% of the rear quarters yields in their front...
  3. neilo

    Quad towed Bale Unroller

    It’ll keep you busy. Half a ton doesn’t go far. I have been racking my brains as to how to make a quad trailer that you could load with a bucket, then take to the field and trickle it out. I haven’t got anywhere though.
  4. neilo


    My stake of choice is the yellow RAPPA ones, mostly as they are so fast to pick up one handed from the quad. Not the cheapest though. I do have a pile of Rutland ones that seem to last forever though, and bought on an offer for 50p each, many years ago. As they hold onto the wire better (needing...
  5. neilo

    Quad towed Bale Unroller

    Cattle are certainly better for cleaning up off the floor ime, whereas sheep are stupid enough to stand on their food instead. Fodder beet is good feed, but you’ve still got to get it out somehow. I’m loathe to take a loader in the field with it here, apart from on grass when it’s dried up a...
  6. neilo

    Quad towed Bale Unroller

    They do, and I don’t like feeders because of it. You can just choose to trash one area though... Whenever I’ve put fodder out loose, usually when I take pity on sheep in prolonged snow, I’ve ended up trying to scrape most of it back up again afterwards.
  7. neilo

    Quad towed Bale Unroller

    Don’t they waste a lot unrolling it on the ground, unless you’ve got lots of acres of rough grassland to unroll it on? Even then, a lot will surely be trod & shat on? I know it all ends up back in the soil eventually, but lumps of fodder will be a pain to do anything with on an arable field...
  8. neilo

    Is anyone in beef and sheep willing to invest money?

    I agree, but I very much doubt that gravy train is going to derail any time soon. I did ask what was involved in becoming one of these 'experts', when I saw a business plan last year. Probably pays a lot better than actually doing the work....
  9. neilo

    Is anyone in beef and sheep willing to invest money?

    Surely you'll have paid a consultant to figure the ins & outs of such an investment?
  10. neilo

    Sip Tedder

    I went to look at a new Lely tedder 2 years ago, and bought a Malone 4 rotor instead. It's a better built machine, particularly in the headstock, but with very similar hook tines. I've been very pleased with it. If you like the Lely tine design, they are certainly worth looking at, in the 4-6...
  11. neilo

    Sip Tedder

    Agco have started making them again, in Fendt colours, but only the larger machines iirc.
  12. neilo

    Elon Musk’s satellites tonight

    I thought we’d established they were UFOs on their way to Holywell......
  13. neilo

    Early Nitrogen for tillering

    I’ll be going on Winter Barley with flotations before long, but only to spray it off with glyphosate to start again. Nothing spent other than seed and DD cost so far, and profit is marginal enough in a good crop of WB, let alone a patchy, half drowned one. If there was a half decent crop...
  14. neilo

    sulphur sources

    What else needs putting on? Calcifert S supplies Sulphur & Calcium, Polysulphate or PotashPlus supplies K &S, Kieserite provides Mg & S, KornKali provides K, Mg & S. All are fairly readily available and relatively good value.
  15. neilo

    Hot knife tailing thoughts

    Don’t forget that @Al R is in the land where the grass never stops growing and can lamb out earlier than a lot. 5pm might be just before dark in such easy climes......;)
  16. neilo

    Elon Musk’s satellites tonight

    I’m ready for him.....
  17. neilo

    Just found this advertised. Any idea what's it all about. ?

    I may need some of their ‘herbal products’, just to keep my blood pressure in check.
  18. neilo

    Just found this advertised. Any idea what's it all about. ?

    I just asked Mrs NeilO if we could go...... I think I might be going on my own though.:D
  19. neilo

    How carbon negative/neutral/positive is a farm?

    Is that proper ryegrass pp, fed by clover, that is growing from early March until mid-October, or old parkland pp that potters along slowly after the end of May and doesn't start to green up until April?
  20. neilo

    Reliable electric fence box

    I bought a couple of those seven years ago. Apart from a couple of leads needing new ends crimped on, they've been faultless. I also bought three Patriot fencers from RAPPA at the same time, which they were stopping doing, but the same as those cheaper black ones they do now. Sealed units so...

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