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  1. clbarclay

    Ez-Pilot repair

    Has anyone had an Ez-Pilot wheel motor apart before? The backing nut of the connector socket on mine has come loose and the socket now dangles on the internal wires. It is well out of warranty. With the 4 cap screws removed and the top plastic trim popped off, the two halves of the casing a...
  2. clbarclay

    Sunglasses and ear defenders...

    ...are not a good combination. The ear defenders push the arms of the glasses against the head and the glasses stop the defenders sealing properly. However when bale wrapping I often need both :facepalm: A cab with aircon and tinted glass ain't going to happen any time soon. Does anybody know...
  3. clbarclay

    Maintaining voltage while cranking

    My gps kit doesn't like the engine being started while its turned on. The simple solution is to only start the engine with the computer turned off, but that is easier said than done when it takes so long to turn back on a converge. If I do crank the engine with it on the FM-1000 will remain on...
  4. clbarclay

    The agricultural games

    What events would you create and compete in? I have just done a 'farm track and feild' event, the Tractor Pursuit, for the second time. The starting sound is the cab door being slammed shut as the driver gets in and the runners set off just ahead of the tractor which is towing a full grain...
  5. clbarclay

    Barley and vetch

    Due to unintended experimental results, the fss SB this spring had a some vetch mixed with it, which had carried over from the previous cover crop. One of the result has been that a mobile grain cleaner using sieves couldn't seperate them. Never mind that its all planted now and while its...
  6. clbarclay

    Trimble isobus VRA

    Is anyone using an FMX or FM-1000 for variable rate control through its isobus system? I have an FM-1000 and a Kverneland Geospread on isobus which has been fine for fixed rate spreading and now I have some VRA prescriptions for it created by the agronomist with Gatekeeper, but the FM won't...
  7. clbarclay

    Poultry fencing/netting

    What are you using to keep freeish ranging poultry in and predators out? I currently use 10 rolls of electric netting to divide a paddock for 800 turkeys in 4 pens. It does the job, but I am woundering how the alternatives compare alternative, I was thinking of changing to strands of wire with...
  8. clbarclay

    Deere cab trim

    How does the trim around the right hand side console in a JD 30 series cab come apart? The tractor in question is a 6930 premium with auto quad gearbox which won't go into top gear. Looking through the slot around the gearstick, the selector for E range in the gearstick gate is out of line...
  9. clbarclay

    Mapping software options

    Hello, I am interested in PC software to create field boundries based on satalite maps, set optimum guidance paths, particuarly for tramlines and export to gps systems. Trees mean that its not possible to record boundries on many fields first time round while drilling. I currently use a NH...
  10. clbarclay

    New field drainage system.

    I am going to have some fields drained. What limited drainage is there is defunct. Its clay soil so looking at pipes with prorus fill 20m appart over the whole area and mole between them. I plan on getting a jetter to service drains round the rest of the farm. The question is, is it worth going...
  11. clbarclay

    Steering angle 4wd switch

    I want to make the 4wd to disengage with steering angle on a JD 6600. As standard its either on permently or off and on with the brakes. A low lead ratio and tight lock means it scrubs wide with 4wd engaged on the headlands and at the moment I could do with another arm for headland turns. I...
  12. clbarclay

    Linkage repair inserts

    I have several implements that have have worn holes for 3 point linkage mounting pins. If I bore the holes out with a mag drill, does anyone make insets or bushes that can get them back to the right size? I did think of reducer bushes, but the holes I want to repair are cat 3.

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