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  1. jade35

    Why aren't we talking about the male fertility crisis?

    Link to an article in the DT - On Wednesday, as part of Fertility Network UK’s #YouAreNotAlone Fertility Week, the charity will focus specifically on men: reminding us that while male infertility is as...
  2. jade35

    Stolen JD SF 3000 and SF6000 receivers + 4300 screen Glos

    From Facebook Henry Righton is feeling angry. 27 September at 11:21 · Well thanks to the low life, I can’t get a job because I’m a moron, I can’t get a girlfriend because I’m socially inept, limped-dicked, peckerheads for steeling all my receivers from my JD tractors and smashing the door on...
  3. jade35

    We're going on a sire hunt - AHDB and NMR are offering a reward for missing AI bulls

    £50 if you have the first straw found for any of the listed bulls. Apologies if posted before but this was in our NMR paperwork and thought it might be of interest to any one with an older flask and the occasional old straw. NMR-Were going on a...
  4. jade35

    Antibiotic usage - Red tractor from 1st June 2018 Email from Red Tractor this morning:cautious: From the update What is new? As of the 1st June 2018 the use of Highest Priority Critically Important antibiotics must be a last resort and their use must be...
  5. jade35

    Livestock worrying and attacks - Devon and Cornwall police area

    Devon and Cornwall police have set up a dedicated incident report form on their website to make it easier to report any incidents. Farm Watch - Livestock Worrying and Attacks Devon and Cornwall Police are looking to improve the way Livestock Worrying and Attacks are recorded. We realise...
  6. jade35

    Farmers Grant Fraud Alert - Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)

    Timely advice, especially when you consider how readily available all the information is and how convincing these callers can be! "Information on last year’s payments are easily obtained via the government website allowing fraudsters to know when and how much potential targets will receive."...
  7. jade35

    Well, which would you give up.....................................

    I like this survey:D I have to admit that years ago it would have been a close run decision:hungry: but since Cadbury's ruined their chocolate...
  8. jade35

    The Man Engine resurrection Tour 2018

    Not sure if this should be in the bodges thread considering how he is built:D but the Man Engine is coming back(y) and visiting mining heritage sites in Cornwall and Devon before touring through England.
  9. jade35

    Trailer towing training courses

    What do they involve, cost and where in Devon or Cornwall is the best company to do the test through? Thanks
  10. jade35

    MVF Countrywide? Blog posts tagged with 'Press Release' Countrywide Farmers Plc - Strategic Update 02 October 2017 Countrywide Farmers plc (“Countrywide” or “the Company”), one of the UK’s leading suppliers of products, services and advice to the...
  11. jade35

    Tom Mann - Three Counties Feeds.

    From Saturdays WMN, will be sadly missed, he was always cheerful and helpful whenever you spoke to him on the phone and, unless asked directly how he was, would never mention his illness.
  12. jade35

    Dairy cows near Flash, Buxton.

    Driving around today and saw some Ayrshires and crosses? below Flash but couldn't see a dairy farm close enough. :banghead:
  13. jade35

    Tamar chemicals amnesty

    From the Cornwall NFU email. This may be of use to anyone in this water catchment area. Tamar Chemicals amnesty: Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Upstream Thinking project are continuing to offer a chemicals amnesty for farmers within the Tamar catchment above the tidal limit. Farmers with out...
  14. jade35

    Stoll loader joystick repair / replacement

    We have a Stoll loader that has developed a fault in the control box / joystick. The box, under the rubber cover where the wire ends sit, has fractured and broken off on the corner nearest the windscreen. Replacement box needed but have been quoted £400 for complete section as parts are not...
  15. jade35

    Theft of aircraft engines, South Devon. Be vigilant!

    Theft took place 13th/14th June and police e mail asks owners of Rotax-powered aircraft to be vigilant. (Also posted in Crime line section) Residents in the vicinity of aircraft / airfields: Officers are investigating reports of thefts of aircraft engines which took place in South Devon...
  16. jade35

    Thermodurics - MVF newsletter

    In the recent MVF newsletter there was an article on thermodurics and milk buyers. Which milk buyers test for thermodurics as routine?
  17. jade35

    Bogus insurance brokers - Action Fraud alert

    From Devon and Cornwall Police Neighbourhood alert email Bogus Insurance Brokers – Advertising on Social Media Platforms Action Fraud have recently received a number of reports from members of the public who have responded to written posts, pages, pictures and adverts on social media platforms...
  18. jade35

    Landrover thefts in the South West - court case

    'Born again Christian' guilty of £200k crime spree By WMNAGreenwood | Posted: January 17, 2017 By Herald Reporter 0 COMMENTS 43 SHARES image: Daniel Small senior A father...
  19. jade35

    Basic payment scheme fraud warning

    This is a message sent via Devon and Cornwall Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Devon and Cornwall Police (Please do not reply or forward this email directly; please use the Reply, Share buttons at the bottom of this message) Message sent by Carol Donavon (Police, Community...
  20. jade35

    Women in dairy

    A thread for meetings / events arranged by AHDB for the Women in Dairy groups. The two meetings I have attended, on antibiotic usage (Andy Biggs) and cow signals (AHDB), have been very interesting and useful with good speakers and discussions. for a...

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