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    Rabbit fencing and public footpaths.

    Need to put some rabbit fencing in. Field has public footpath. Presumably we can fence to the style, but will this just make some kind of "bunny funnel"? Any ideas? Field borders scruffy fallow and is bunny Mecca.
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    NH t8000 aircon

    Anyone had or having problems with theirs? This will be the third time dealer had been out to mine in 800 hrs.
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    Wanted : Adventure

    Looking for contacts in Equatorial Africa; Asia, or the Arabian peninsular for either short-term work placement or basic agricultural job. I am not looking for this week, but trying to get some contacts or perhaps a month or two each winter as a prelude for something more serious further down...
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    Rainwater Harvesting For Pig / Poultry Drinking

    What kit would be required to turn harvested rainwater into potable water for drinking by pigs or poultry?
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    Terra Sorb Foliar Plus

    Agrovista man says use this. I looked at it with scepticism. Anyone done a split field and noticed a difference, or is it going back on the next lorry?
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    Anyone Snaffled Some Free Cereals Tickets?

    About time for the annual bumming by Haymarket. Anyone here exhibiting or otherwise got access to a free ticket they can send my way?
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    Tomahawk Gas Gun Instructions

    I have inherited two of these dark green gas guns. I have not inherited any instructions. Can someone tell me how to reset the clock?
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    Bloody hell these are the same price per kilo as a Waitrose pork roasting joint. Anyone producing these, or could this be the next big thing in sustainable protein production?
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    I am considering doing both of these, mainly as I am bored and need something to do. I'm not expecting either to be overly taxing, but was wondering of those of you who have done it, has it benefitted you in any way? No for those of you who needed it to be agronomists etc, but for you who are...
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    I have had this in the left side of my ballbag since my late teens. Lately it has got considerably less comfortable. The Dr has said I can have something called an embolisation nowerdays, whereas when it was first diagnosed the option was a fair bit more invasive. Anyone had this done? They...
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    Small Seeds Cleaning - OSR / Linseed Etc

    I have never had either of the above done for farm saved seed. Can they do this sort of thing on-farm with modern kit? Do they really come out for say 1/3 of a ton of OSR or a couple of ton of linseed?
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    Azoxystrobin & Take-all

    I seem to remember that Amistar at T0 was helpful for crops in the 2nd wheat slot. Anyone care to comment on if this works and what the efective rate is? Last year was a bad year for 2nd cereals here and I have one field of wheat which I am keen to make perform after winter barley. Will get...
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    Post-EFA Pulse Decline? Poll.

    I hate beans. Of that there is no doubt. EFA / greening has also meant they have been worth nothing. Now with this madness about not using chems, how many are dropping / curtailing peas and beans, and will this make them actualy worth bothering about on non-EFA ground? Quick poll attached. I...
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    Digital Terrain Modelling Software

    Anybody know or use some DTM software that is either free, or has a free-but-restricted mode? Ideally that can import from Google maps, and then use our own heights and levels to create a 3d image? I am looking to be able to draw my yard etc in 3d to work out some big drains, conduits, tracks...
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    Replacing A Shed That Has Done Its Time

    Might have been covered before but I couldnt find it. I have an old shed which is not in great condition, however it does have 75% of the floor concreted. Can anyone advise on the rules for replacing a shed? It is 90 x 100ft with steel uprights, internal telegraph poles, and a glorifed tin...
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    Nice Office Furniture, Old Directors Desk, Wood Shelving Etc

    Decorating the new office and would be interested in a nice old directors desk, bureau, shelving / panneling etc if anyone know of some in a farm sale or otherwise, Thanks.
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    New Walls For Pole Barn

    I have a pole-barn used for storing straw and bits-and-bobs. However it is walled with old bits of tin which stop at the earth floor leading to a Battle Royale with the rodents. I would like to spruce it up, but: 1) What could I replace the walls with? 2) Could concrete pannals join onto...
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    Can I Watch Canal + In The Uk

    Anyone know if it possible to watch Canal Plus in the UK either online, or through a dish of some sort?
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    Got home to find sinister, thick brown manilla RPA envelope. Opened it to find they had refunded me £30 or something. Cynically, my first thought was "did this cost them more than £30 in time to work out".
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    Techneat Outcast Duo Mounting On SP Sprayer

    Anyone put one of these on the front of their SP sprayer? I am interested in how you have done it, to get the hopper filled without having to carry 20kg sacks up a stepladder.

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