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    Taxing a tractor.

    Have just come across a tractor that has been on the farm for 19 years that has never been taxed, it’s the only machine which goes on the road without one, we have never had a reminder for it,this is why I think it has sort of slipped the net.I only found out when checking the due dates of the...
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    Spring beans and EFA

    How do you enter a field of spring beans without them automatically being included to my EFA ? Also how do enter field margins to count as EFA,is there a code,can only see B15 as buffer strip?
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    Angus prices?

    Just wondering what sort of prices ABP are paying at the moment for angus's,just got paid for some that went to dovecote,they were all R grades and made £4.20 per KG.
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    Tx64 steering valve noise!

    I've got a very irritating whining noise coming through the cab floor from the steering valve,it only goes away when you move the steering wheel around which is chuffin the baler man off,I've check the main things like oil level,return pipes for tightness,filter was changed this season,any help...
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    Sick cow?

    I've got a three week calved cow that came in the parlor walking sideways with her head to the left trying to walk in circles,she is also chewing and frothing at the mouth,she milked out ok but didn't eat her meal,managed to get her out the parlour and gave her half a bottle off mag and a bottle...
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    Chainsaw hire.

    Does anyone know any tool hire company's who hire out large chainsaws in the staffs,Shropshire border area?We have some large oak trunks need cutting up and our 16" stihl ay quite up to the job.
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    Parlour feeder motors

    Does anyone know where I can get good reliable gasgoine type motors from,seem to be getting through dairy spares replacements which have a crappy nylon wheel drive set up very quickly,and at £100 quid ago expensive too.
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    Wiring loom for ford 6610.

    Had a fire start on my ford 6610 couple of days ago,started under the bonnet on top of front fuel tank, managed to put it out but it's cooked the main loom which plugs in under the dash and runs along the top of the engine feeding most of the electrical components,can't get one from new holland...
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    Calibrating clutch packs on maxxum 140

    Just wondering if any of you helpful lot know the procedure to calibrate the clutch packs on an 09 plate maxxum 140? I know you have to warm the tractor up first,then switch it off, and start up again holding the up and down power shift buttons at the same time,which brings up CAL on the...

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