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  1. Dave W

    What are we banning for 2020?

    So other than talking about brexit and vegans, what's on the lighthearted 2020 ban list? I'm going with VAR in football and trendy hipster beards
  2. Dave W

    Cast iron corner troughs/planters

    Pair of Cast Iron Corner Trough Planters. Both are the same shape and size but not a matching pair. 2ft long on the straight sides. Would look really good mounted one above the other in a corner. One has a small crack as pictured but is sound otherwise. Collection only or could put on a pallet...
  3. Dave W

    SPOTY 2019

    I'm ready to turn it off already after 4 minutes. who was that indecipherable goon singing and what's he got to do with sport?
  4. Dave W

    Shipping container security

    Other than running 240v through them, anyone got any good ideas for keeping secure? No power on site btw.
  5. Dave W

    Loader bracket ID

    Any guesses anyone? Only a little 3ft bucket so guessing one of the compact handler things
  6. Dave W

    Jf/kongskilde parts

    Who's the chap on here for kongskilde? No agents anywhere near me. Need part no 2560-022x
  7. Dave W

    Briggs vanguard engine not charging

    Got a 21hp Briggs vanguard v-twin on a mower. The red wire coming out from behind the starter is giving 14odd volts. Tried it with a used and new regulator and also bypassing the regulator. Found the fuse which is ok. And also the diode which is ok and been tried bypassed. Battery is only...
  8. Dave W

    Kverneland mower bed leak

    kverneland 3228 mt. 2013. Anyone know what stops the oil coming up through the bearings? One hub leaking so pulled it apart, put new bearings in and still the same. Noticed there was no seal in the assembly. Checked the parts book and no seal listed. So in theory it's only the 4 bearing seals...
  9. Dave W

    What van? (Not pickup for a change)

    So the time has come for a pickup swap. The Dmax has been brilliant but thinking of a change of approach this time. I don't need the 4wd aspect and rarely use the back seats and also the rear tub is too small to get anything meaningful in. The plan is to go down the 3.5t flatbed van route...
  10. Dave W

    Bennet hitch??

    can anyone confirm this is a bennet hitch? It's fitted to a mates case 1255 but think the hitch is originally off a fendt Looking for a clevis drawbar it's 70 x 70 mm on the insert bit if anyone has a spare
  11. Dave W

    Claas 3050 breaking.

    Anyone got a dead claas 3050 either whole or breaking. Need the twin 90 degree transfer box that drives the bed
  12. Dave W

    Brad Johnson, Birmingham. Contact details anyone?

    Trying to get hold of Brad Johnson. Goes by BJ contracting south Birmingham, Hopwood services area. I've got a machine of his that he's paid for 6 month ago but seems to have vanished Thanks
  13. Dave W

    What hitch?

    can someone identify this hitch on a case 4230? Need a hook for it
  14. Dave W

    Benford diesel site mixers

    pair of benford site mixers with lister engines. Taking them to plant auction tomorrow for a friend Unless anyone wants one. £300/350.
  15. Dave W

    Employing a driver. Rules and regs

    Just throwing a few ideas around. One is to have someone part time on a self employed basis to do me a bit of driving. It would be a 3.5t vehicle with 3.5t trailer. Vehicle will have tacho. Question is what do I need in terms of operators license, cpc etc etc. Obviously the correct insurance...
  16. Dave W

    Lely mower driveshaft

    Got a customers machine in. Lely optimo. The long hexagon driveshaft has gone in the bed. kramp, granit, agco etc all drawing a blank. Anyone know if the shaft is a stock size that can be bought from a steel stockholders? I know the older square shaft was available like that
  17. Dave W

    Strange old plough

    Saw this today. Thought it was interesting if nothing else. Pro driven spinners on each furrow. Polish made
  18. Dave W

    Oil dispenser.

    Looking for a hand pump type dispenser for ep90 gear oil. Every machine I get in has an oil change and the gearbox fillers are often on the side or some other stupid place that you can't get a little funnel in. Then the gear oil takes forever to run in. Thought one of these was perfect but...
  19. Dave W

    Invoicing/tablet/printer advice

    Im currently invoicing manually buy need to get a new system setup. I'll be getting probably xero soon and a tablet thingy of some sort to use it on. I'd like to put a printer in the office/kitchen at work. There's no WiFi there but does have decent 4g. I assume the tablet will need an...
  20. Dave W

    Alternator question.

    Got a tiny little kubota 2 cylinder engine with this alternator on it and a separate voltage regulator. Question is should it charge at the nominal 14.5v like a regular alternator? I'm only getting max 12.5v with no load on the system (Engine would run without battery connected)

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