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  1. Selectamatic

    Electricity from solar panels...?

    Hello, I have a shed, approx 75ft x 45ft, which I would like to get some electricity to. Is Solar Power a viable option for this? It would not be in full time use, lighting, some Welding, Grinder, Drill, general workshop use really. Where would I start? :)
  2. Selectamatic

    Sending some food overseas, what to send?

    Evening all, Long story short, Mrs S and I made some new friends while on holiday in Germany a few weeks ago (before you say it, nothing dodgy, no nudity, wife swapping, keys in fruit bowl, nothing, all completely innocent and genuine!!) They have sent us some traditional German cake...
  3. Selectamatic

    What’s it like to farm in Germany?

    I ask for no other reason than because I’m here on holiday and think it’s a brilliant place!! Good food, strong beer, tidy, clean, cold! The view from the plane as we were landing, what I’d give to work these fields with my old kit!!
  4. Selectamatic

    Whats going to come of my winter barley?

    Evening, I sowed some winter barley 20 days ago. Very light, sandy loam. In good condition when I sowed it, a but damp perhaps, but ok... So far, nothing has emerged, nothing at all, not a sausage. Bearing in mind the wet weather, and now some frosts, when will i see some emergence, if at...
  5. Selectamatic

    Which Hedgecutter Flails?

    Evening all, Your opinions please... On a small hedgecutter, 4ft head, 15ft reach, which flails would you choose? a) T Flails b) Boot Flails c) Competition Flails d) Grass Flails The work would be split like this... 70% standard hedgerow annual growth 20% roadside annual growth where...
  6. Selectamatic

    What can be used to thicken liquids?

    Hello, A friend who is getting on in years is struggling with drinking liquids, he has being diagnosed with parkinsons, one of the symptoms is difficulty drinking, having to take tiny sips, his days of gulping liquids down are gone. Local nurse has given him some liquid thickening powder, to...
  7. Selectamatic

    Is it too late to sow stubble turnips?

    Hello, Usually by this time they have been in the ground for about a month, but time has got away from me this year! I usually sow some stubble turnips, rape, kale. Lambs graze them over winter. If it is too late, could I sow anything else there instead...?
  8. Selectamatic

    Which Bluetooth Earpiece?

    The time has come, Im getting one! I spend a lot of time on my phone, working mainly not just chatting. I think i need one of these, as as soon as the phone rings and I'm on the tractor, the job comes to a stop! Can anyone recommend one, or tell me what to avoid...? Wishlist... Comfortable...
  9. Selectamatic

    Momentary loss of power...

    Hello everyone... This harvest the engine on the combine has developed a fault... The engine is a Ford 6 Cylinder (what is known as a 'D' Series engine?) 2715E N/A unit. Starts as it should, all the power it should have, performs faultlessly other than... Every now and again, when it's...
  10. Selectamatic

    Will grain heat up in a trailer?

    Hello, I had a plan of keeping some barley in a trailer for a few months, straight out of the combine. It will only be cut when fit, not damp, not for crimping. Trailer would be kept under cover, away from rain and weather. Someone told me that if it is left in a steel bodied trailer, it will...
  11. Selectamatic

    Who needs a Header trailer?!

    This old girl's 40th harvest has begun! We would have carried on today, but even with this one, you cant cut in the rain! :)
  12. Selectamatic

    A simpleton's guide to guns...

    A while ago, I thought about buying a gun... I asked about it on here, and suddenly it's an indepth thread on every aspect of shooting, guns, etc etc etc All over my head!! :LOL: So, here we go again, but please can we keep it a bit more simple this time?! I'd like to buy a shotgun, to shoot...
  13. Selectamatic

    Silly Flat Eight Grab Question...

    Don't laugh... If I had a small baler and a simple drag sledge, let go when there were three of four bales in it, would a flat eight pick them up, assuming none were on top of each other, even though they are not in the proper eight pattern? Don't ask... just dont!
  14. Selectamatic

    FYM when sowing stubble turnips?

    Evening all, After spring barley, I drag the stubble up, broadcast on some kale/turnips/rape mix, roll and graze with sheep over winter. Im planning on doing the same again, but throw a load of FYM on the stubble before pulling the pig tail drag through it. Will this work? Will the stubbles...
  15. Selectamatic

    What Topper?

    Thinking out aloud really... I'm getting asked more and more for topping work, currently borrowing a topper, It's time to buy one... I cut general weeds, nettles, thistles, docks, which is easy enough, but also get asked to cut that feggy grass that's come to a head, and sometimes that wiry...
  16. Selectamatic

    John Deere 1320 Mower Conditioner

    Hello, I'm going to see one of these tomorrow, it sounds like what I want... What should I be looking out for? Anything in particular? Has anyone got experience of these mowers? Good or bad! :)
  17. Selectamatic

    Getting rid of Rabbits near houses...?

    Evening, Bloody rabbits are grazing my spring barley, they seem to be burrowing in the hedge and giving the barley by the hedge a hard time. How do I get rid of the buggers? Shooting or any other obvious ways of removal is a no on this occasion, the field is close to a village, and it would...
  18. Selectamatic

    Sprayer Nozzle Care

    Hello, Did a bit of spraying tonight, and was thinking how happy I am with the sprayer, working very well. :) What's the best way to keep the nozzles in good order, I remember when I worked on a farm as a student, that nozzles were kept in a pot of water (I assume?) when not in use, is this...
  19. Selectamatic

    David Brown Hydraulics Problem

    My trusty 1494 has developed a hydraulic problem, and I'm stumped. @john1594 has buggered off, he was an expert on these things... Anyone else who knows the insides of a Selectamatic system like the back of their hand...?
  20. Selectamatic

    Is it cheaper to run a bigger plough?

    Im turning a 3 furrow into a 4 furrow, and as I don't really get out much, I started thinking of this... If I had a 10 acre field, and a single furrow plough, that plough body plough's ten acres Next year, I add a furrow, so each body plough's five acres The year after, I go mad and buy a 10...

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