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    Unrolling/spreading silage bales rather than hay??

    Needs a bigger tractor on the front!!
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    Border terrier and Jack Russell

    Bizarre - me too. Try this Or look up Victoria Palmer...
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    Border terrier and Jack Russell We had one of these from our friends two and a half years ago. Perfect working farm and family dog.
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    Hi Protein Forage Crops

    We grew a field of lucerne here after the oil crisis in the early '70s it did really well. Initially we made hay with it but as we moved more towards silage - and nitrogen - it got lost in the clamp and we didn't continue. Soils are naturally acidic pretty light, we adjoin gravel quarries...
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    Fuel price tracker

    55 kero and 62.5red!!! Is it going up, small drop (500l) or taking the pee??
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    Solid fuel Aga replacement?

    Hi Rob We had similar decision to make but AGA was oil with 135 boiler. Now have wood pellet boiler for heating and water. It's on RHI payment, without that I'd go with oil and you can resite it so no issue with piping etc. Cooking is a gas range with bottled gas, uses 2 x 48? a year. All...
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    Drillmate from Derbyshire to Kent

    Ha! I've just come on to do this as well. Have attached a photo of machine. Pickup is DE6 3BJ, no problem to load.
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    3M Drill mate

    Hi I have a 3M Farmforce drillmate. £500 ono plus vat.
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    Tyre disposal

    That's interesting. There is a lot of energy in tyres and farm plastics it makes sense to use it and it ought to have some value. Where are they operating and what are they looking for?
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    Tyre disposal

    They ought to have a value as fuel. Or free collection, it would encourage responsible disposal.
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    Grain moisture meter wanted

    Hi. I've got one somewhere. Will dig it out if you're still looking?
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    Moffett MFT

    I had an mf version on demo and used it for buckraking. Horribly uncomfortable and had to blow the rad out hourly to stop it overheating. Stuck with my Fiat and the buckrake on the loader.
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    Cover crop after fallow and before spring crop

    How about mustard for a month, followed be a winter cereal grazed off with sheep after Christmas for tillering and weed control. I'm pondering similar decision on problem fields. I normally spring crop but no opportunity for weed control.
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    Borrowing rate

    I recommend you try the AMC.
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    Wanted - 56lb/25kg weight

    I think I've got one. DE6 3BG Not sure how much it's worth? Being a collectable antique piece of history!
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    Can you have too much Organic Matter?

    WOW! What was your starting base, and what have you been doing to increase levels please? Indirect evidence should be adequate to prove the utility of OM ie. productivity, input use, profitability etc.
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    Can you have too much Organic Matter?

    I did it more to have evidence to show what I was trying to achieve and hopefully an upward trend. Never know here when it might help to deal with some bureaucrat or even with marketing claims. The best measure is the health and productivity of stock and crops.
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    Can you have too much Organic Matter?

    Accurate in that you 'cook' off everything that isn't mineral to get the figure.
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    Can you have too much Organic Matter?

    Accurate but maybe not that useful. CEC Cation Exchange Capacity is more meaningful. MIne are low at around 10 with a guide of 15. As they said at school - must do better.
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    Can you have too much Organic Matter?

    What's the OM content of peat? Soils like the Fens in England and the Liverpool plains in NSW must have had a very high content when first farmed and still high now. I've tested some fields this year and have results varying between 3.8 and 4.7% That's after in the teens of years in set aside...

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