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  1. J

    Claas disco 250

    put yer location in yer profile
  2. J

    Claas disco 250

    what are ye mowing this time of year?
  3. J

    Claas disco 250

    get a nu shaft had a bearing go on my 260 new shaft and bearings i disassembled it and brought it to my claas dealer
  4. J

    Claas disco 250

    any grooving on the shaft?
  5. J

    Fallow it or crop it.?

    farm like you are going to live forever live today as if you will die tomorrow
  6. J

    Which LASER Office Printer / Copier / Scanner A4 + A3??

    Office, PCs and phones Printers and accessories Printers Brother MFC-J6530DW A3 Wireless Inkjet Printer Email a friend Print page 1 / 7 Brother MFC-J6530DW A3 Wireless Inkjet Printer 863/5628 Save €10.00 €169.99 was €179.99 (26) Home delivery not available Reserve it now...
  7. J

    Ireland Small Country Great Products

    prob mown with s/h 8 ft mower and 75 hp
  8. J

    dark sky

    the rain falling at the moment is not showing on the rain radar on dark sky.whilr local app is. anyone else finding this?
  9. J

    Ireland Small Country Great Products

    c.mon some of us know what a grease gun is what an oil change is what routine maintenance is i have to do and pay for my own repairs mostly on s/hand gear on the other hand irish conditions thats why its a proving ground if equipment can withstand irish conditions it can withstand the toughest
  10. J

    Ireland Small Country Great Products

    billions? its not feckin restin in my account
  11. J

    Ireland Small Country Great Products

    keenan have been assumed into another company other than that all native
  12. J

    Ireland Small Country Great Products

    it seems to exist in clusters a legacy from the former sugar factory in carlow with rutland eng ,hi spec,tanco,keenan,broughan,smyth,to name a few in carlow
  13. J

    Whats going to come of my winter barley?

    crows follow the lines down the field pull up the green shoots to eat the grain seed any other corvids doing the same? or just our clever irish black )insert yer own expletive here)
  14. J

    Powder coating vs spraypaint

    just cover it in muck and leaking oil you ll not notice it then
  15. J

    chainsaw chain price

    i think the sale of cvx,s is more likely to keep them solvent rather than the purchase by me of what appears rather expensive chain loop
  16. J

    chainsaw chain price

    i was in the local case dealers yard yesterday that also sells husky equipment i needed a 50 link ,050 lo pro chain for a spare bar i have i was handed a 91vxl oregon chain and charged €25 has chain saw chain doubled in price since i bought my last loop? and that was for stihl chain which is...
  17. J

    Simon Reeve : The Americas.

    i wondered about that without irrigation water it is useless a saying here is land without water is not land at all
  18. J

    Plough boards

    looking at the photos i wonder if they are genuine kv boards?
  19. J

    Plough boards

    besson shares can be run without points i never do but in sticky ground?
  20. J

    Kverneland Plough Wing Shares - 14 vs 16

    why not bring old one to your purveyor of plough parts? 16 inch is the standard for vari ploughs i believe

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