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    Opico varitilth

    looking for two legs for a varitilth anybody got any or knows who would make them ,thanks
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    Anybody got two legs for an opico varitilth tia
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    Dowdeswell dp 120

    anybody got any ideas of how to get a leg back into position after shear bolt breaks usually come back to the yard and deal with it with the handler , loathed to grease it as dust sticks and makes it worse . Sometimes can just reverse with the plough down but more often gone to far for the tip...
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    JCB 536 60 problem

    the aux spool not working all the time and to get it to work have to feather the up and down and it’s gettng to be bit of a pain with the straw spreader any ideas tia
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    Drier discharge auger

    need to make the discharge auger slower 2.5 inch pulley on motor do I need to increase or decrease diameter to make this happen been to two places told me different tia
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    anyone heard they are closing whitstone branch
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    Refilling grease cartridges

    bought a pallet of keg grease at sale anyone got an easy way refill empty cartridges or better to buy air gun that fits the keg
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    Jcb deck weight

    anybody got one and what would a sensible weight be for one , have an implement that is fairly well balanced on its axel
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    Jcb 536 60

    3rd spool only working intermitently works attachment lock or pick up hitch prob electrical anybody any ideas tia
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    Common land

    Whats the word regarding common land as in fwi
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    Trailer tyres

    Is there a radial tyre to replace a 15 x70 x18 so I can use the original rims at the moment got vredestien crossplys on tia
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    JCB fastrac hydraulics

    anybody know the blink codes for 2170 fastrac spools working but not man mudguard buttons or man in cab button nor up or down on panel ,Bosch I think , one flash pause then five flashes tia
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    looking to buy a pallet of 360 glyphosate what's the cheapest and who tia
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    Avadex granules

    can these granules be water dispersible ,can they be spread with anything other than a precision applicator, e.g. slug pellet spreader or do they need to be metered ,also have heard on the grapevine that the granules are being stopped. tia
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    Ploughing permanent grassland

    what are the rules concerning ploughing permanent grassland if any tia
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    Going rate for hire

    Just done 300 hrs for a local contractor what's the going rate for a 200 hp fastrac and man no diesal
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    Combine oil change

    How often do you change engine oil on combines hrs or years
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    Automatic tailgate release for a manual tailgate

    I'm sure there is a thread on this somewhere but can't find it anybody got any ideas or photos or done similar tia
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    What's everyone doing with their M V F shareholder offers

    Mvf just want to remember who there working for a pathetic exercise too many middle management who don't know what they are doing they think by wiping out the opposition they will get the only market farmers are more resourceful than that .MVF beware bigger bubbles than you have burst
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    Yellow peril tractor test

    See the mag that tells farmers how to suck eggs is doing a tractor test are these randomly picked ,the top five biggest advertisers or the top five back pocket donators if not why not some of the more socially unpopular but probably better makes

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