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  1. Oscar

    Un cut linseed

    Had to deliver a load of hay about 18 miles from home in an area that I know and contract spray in but have nt been that way for 4 months and was very surprised to see a couple fields of un cut linseed and two more which were partly done ! Still standing but would think its a write off . Any...
  2. Oscar

    Australia trip in a month, safe,best way for spending money?

    Wife and I are off to Australia so things like hotels,car rental and some trips are already paid from here in UK. However there will be fuel, meals,other trips and costs plus anything my wife buys to pay for !! My first thought was a pre loaded travel card from PO or travel agents (Tui) but...
  3. Oscar

    HMRC change the rules .

    Ju st back from accountant for end of year chat and preparing for tax return. Had a bit of a shock as my accountants say HMRC have changed the rules which has had a bad effect on my tax position. Basically I have a arable and grass farm and a contract spraying round which all goes through my...
  4. Oscar

    Few fastrac questions.

    As mentioned in another thread, I ve just bought a 07 reg 2155 Fastrac for my sins !! Just picked it up on Friday but I ve currently not got a operators book. Anyhow ,stopped off on way home (25 mile trip) and got a 0027 error code . According to internet search, it's a transmission calabration...
  5. Oscar

    Exmoor Dave getting married today !!

    Hope he won t mind but @exmoor dave is getting married today to the lovely Jenny with fellow Tff member @itsintheblood as best man . As you can imagine , Dave is our local fire loving, cake eating media super star with appearances in local ,national printed newspapers and even TV appearances...
  6. Oscar

    New Holland LM handler

    Just asking here as its Sunday and dealer is obviously shut. Was pushing up linseed straw to burn yesterday afternoon when suddenly machine died and stopped. Fuel gauge does not work but I write down on a pad the hours when I refuel and normally top up every 10/12 hrs. Because of the work , I ve...
  7. Oscar

    Agleader Infiniti / Gatekeeper

    Anybody on here using Agleader Incommand 1200 screen with subscription Infinity cloud based record keeping linked into Gatekeeper for recs,VRN, guidance etc ? Looking into Infinity myself but main importer of Agleader stuff has stopped answering my questions or is away but need to make my mind...
  8. Oscar

    Stainless steel , cleaner ?

    Does anyone know of a product or polisher to get 6 year old S Steel clean and brighter ? ,( bit like T cut for SS) It's a box I had built 6/7 years ago for front of sprayer but took it off and had slug pelleter fitted which has stayed on since. Got box out shed this morning and its rough to...
  9. Oscar

    Variable rate liquid N

    I contract apply over 1000tonne of product , the vast amount by variable rate. However , on 36m boom, it's the whole 36m which changes rate. Is anybody using a system where the rate can change along the boom ? I am wondering if pulse width modulation and fertilizer nozzles rather than bars could...
  10. Oscar

    Agleader + Bateman into Gatekeeper

    I know its possible but not getting too far into actually someone saying you need x y and z ! Basically, new sprayer coming over winter running InCommand 1200 screen, will be doing VR liquid fert from prescriptions from agronomist. On current machine (Integra screen)downloading from e mail onto...
  11. Oscar

    S Trac Sprayer ?

    Any body on here own or operate a S Trac sprayer ? For those unsure, its a forward control based Unimog conversion done by South Cave Tractors, Yorkshire. Reason - well I run a Bateman Rb35 and very happy with both it and Batemans [plus the factory is only an hour away] however I am now working...
  12. Oscar

    Visit to Hinkley Point C build site.

    Not sure if there is any intrest in this but I was able to visit the site on Wednsday and have lots of facts and numbers about what is Europe s biggest building site !! I will try and keep the post short and add to it in the future if people are intrested. I knew it was going to be busy and on a...
  13. Oscar

    Hand brake cable suppliers ??

    Got a NH 5040 handler [09 Reg] and hand brake cable breaks around every 6 months as its made from too thin woven wire for the cable and it always breaks at one end where the clevis is attached. The fitters from my dealer all say its a crap design but at £125.77 a pop , I think its expensive as...
  14. Oscar

    Row crop wheel failure.

    Had this happen yesterday on the road. Driven 12 miles from a steep spray field job ,just come through a busy tourist village and got a vibration through steering wheel but they had just minutes before layed new tar/chippings so thought it may be the loose stone causing the vibration. Stopped at...
  15. Oscar

    JD raise tractor price 4%

    Spoke to JD dealer a few days ago and he said that they had a good day last friday selling 26 tractors that day over the 2 depots [Somerset/Devon}!!! Seems JD were putting up prices 4% on Monday followed by 2% coming up in November so dealer phoned round and told customers and they got that...
  16. Oscar

    2016 DTS Maize

    Decided to start new thread rather than add to "Claydon maize" thread. Got a spray customer who has drilled 120 acs with DTS this year following 50 acs last year. No Pictures but in 2015 as an experiment the contractor drilled direct into wheat stubbles, 9 rows in 3m drill using bean...
  17. Oscar

    Puegeot 307 -ABS light

    Thought I would ask the experts !! Got a 03 reg 307, 1.3 petrol with 109 k miles which I bought 8 months ago as a run about and is fine. Last week out the blue ABS light comes on and stays on dash. Every time stop engine it resets itself and randomly comes on within a mile some times or not at...
  18. Oscar

    Any 11/22.5 tyres knocking about ??

    I have a 1980 s ex artic trailer with these tyres on[8 in total but have recently had 2 blow outs and another with wire showing !! They were a popular size but now getting hard to find. I ve tried a couple coach firms and a large haulage co but they have none around as everything is now on...
  19. Oscar

    Fendt change to Trimble for Varioguide

    spoke to my dealer today and he told me that Fendt in uk have ditched topcom to supply fitted Gps for varioguide to Trimble . On Massey tractors it is staying with topcom.
  20. Oscar

    Any Oil Aga experts ??

    Aga has suddenly dropped to idle heat having been on 3 weeks. I ve done the button tapping on the top of control box over the weekend[which has worked other times] but thats not fixed it . Checked filter at tank end and thats clean and fuel tank full. So my guess is either there is a fuel...

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