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  1. holly smoke

    Front linkage McCormick

    Front linkage wanted for a mtx
  2. holly smoke

    Front linkage

    Used front linkage from a McCormick mtx or case Mx wanted fold up type preferably
  3. holly smoke

    Pan tiles and sandstone ridges

    Approximately 400 pan tiles and Approximately 30 meters of sandstone ridges for sale just taken off a roof this week but would go back on and use again Price negotiable On pallets and can be wrapped for transport Located near Whitby
  4. holly smoke


    Price for a 205lt of 10/30 oil and a price for a 205lt of transmission oil for a McCormick mtx/xtx tractors please delivered to Ts134uh
  5. holly smoke

    Hydraulic top link

    As above for a McCormick xtx165 delivered to ts13 please
  6. holly smoke

    Manitou problem

    Ok so this morning jumped on the manitou and it’s lit up like a Christmas tree and the buzzer is going crazy any ideas @ace it’s a 59 reg 634-120lsu
  7. holly smoke

    Rekord tsn 250

    Ok so topping round a field yesterday and the topper stopped. Opened her up to find it had bust a shaft. Any one know who sells parts for them I can’t seem to find anything on the web
  8. holly smoke

    Why is this happening

    As above [ ATTACH=full]825968[/ATTACH] Loosing corn in to the fan area going downhill
  9. holly smoke

    Spray nozzles

    Ok so had the spray tested today and have found that the nozzles are quite worn so I need to replace them. But the question is which ones I am on red 04 110 200ltha 10 kph. Wanting to stop with flat fan for herbicides as I have a set of air induction ones for fungicide
  10. holly smoke

    Feed bins

    I am after a 5-6 ton feed bin dose anyone know what price they are new a ball park figure is fine. Thanks graeme
  11. holly smoke

    Situation Vacant Harvest help

    Morning all looking for someone with tractor experience for harvest duties including Leading corn Round bailing Leading/stacking bales Ploughing/ cultivating Good machines to use Contact me on here for more info Location near Whitby 250 acres of arable land May lead to full time work...
  12. holly smoke

    Snug top gone bust ?

    Might be of interest to some on here Might be worth a look on there website
  13. holly smoke

    McCormick clutch

    Is the clutch on a xtx165 McCormick adjustable?
  14. holly smoke


    Morning all I have the chance to purchase a block of land more or less next door where is the best place to get a mortgage ie bank or amc
  15. holly smoke


    Has anyone bought new machinery of the agribuy website? Was it cheaper or the same price as from a local dealer?
  16. holly smoke

    New combination drill?

    Ok so got some prices for a new 3 meter combi drill Lemken / maschio / sulky all disc coulters all with press wheels. Per em and bout markers wheel track eradicators All within £1000 of each other good dealers within 40 miles So the question is which is the best/ most reliable Thanks to all...
  17. holly smoke

    Cattle grades

    Any idea what the NDTS means
  18. holly smoke

    Kevernland I pro drill

    Is anyone running 1 of the above? Are they any good?
  19. holly smoke


    Is anyone running a alpego combi drill? How easy are they to setup and calibrate? What are they like for keeping the seed at a consistent depth? What price are the tines is it to early for any second hand ones coming on the market
  20. holly smoke

    Independent Claas engineer

    Evening all does anyone from the Darlington area know if there is still I claas engineer near Croft circuit?

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