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  1. J

    dark sky

    the rain falling at the moment is not showing on the rain radar on dark sky.whilr local app is. anyone else finding this?
  2. J

    chainsaw chain price

    i was in the local case dealers yard yesterday that also sells husky equipment i needed a 50 link ,050 lo pro chain for a spare bar i have i was handed a 91vxl oregon chain and charged €25 has chain saw chain doubled in price since i bought my last loop? and that was for stihl chain which is...
  3. J

    is there a feckin hurricane on the way?

    as thread headliner
  4. J


    i might replace the dry stove in my kitchen 8kw or more made of steel(had a cast that tried to poision me) are clearview that much better than anything else? are there other brands that migh fit the bill?
  5. J


    my surface 3 is getting shook so i am looking at a new machine pros and cons of a chrom e book i use utorrent to d/load otherwise i use sheets to keep a track of things and whatever free office is on it to print a bit the new surface go is smaller and only has usb c connectors and expensive...
  6. J


    bj says to get shut of the backstop its his metronome beat of his policies educate me as to how it could be implemented in the real world of immigration and trade
  7. J

    after shave

    thought id replenish my now empty bottle of paco ruban(sp?) went into boots spent 20 mins looking all i could see is eau de toilette for men no one making aftershave any more? i sport a beard but like to trim it to 5oclock shadow sometimes and put a bit of after shave on i dont even know where...
  8. J


    opinions on these 2 in deere dealers yard with 8k and 16k am straw and hay man
  9. J

    mercosur trade deal

    the irsh farming press are calling it a stab in the back for European farmers. are they correct?
  10. J

    value of wholecrop

    22 acres of spring barley value?
  11. J

    Tractor weights

    I need a full set on my 2 wd to lift my plough. Do the gr8 unwashed bother remove and add weighs during the summer as needs be, Or leave them on all summer?
  12. J

    art gallery

    theres an art gal,ery at lower loxly? so large it needs a curator? cmon writers next itll be going the way of notre dame
  13. J


    thinking of trying some but have little knowledge i grow cover crops on barley stubble so know a bit about how to sow em june early july for sept utilisation ? whats the latest it could be sown? is there a rotation(same crop for a few years in the same field)? if i want to put some in ground...
  14. J

    Seed bed fert

    I wait until the t lines are visible on my s barley and I spread my p and k and n. Some experts maintain the the n p k should be spread pre sowing. Land is index 3 and 4 for p and 3 for k. Which of us are correct?
  15. J

    single rotor rake

    a v clean fella or a not as fresh class any opinions on either i no i no get a nu 1
  16. J


    is it worth spending a few quid to upgrade to android 9 from 8?
  17. J

    Leave date

    Just heard on sky news Almost certain the UK will not leave endo f march Wtf ? Does everyone else know this as well?
  18. J

    combination fuel cans

    the auto fuel fill stopped functioning correctly on my husqvarna combi fuel can. the quality of fuel was deemed the culprit when i enquired about warranty. do the stihl auto fill spouts suffer the same problem?
  19. J

    grass margin

    i have 1 gate when i close it i pull in upon a grass margin opposite belonging to an acre plot on what was formerly a cottage,the tractor is leaving cleat marks on the grass,but i am safely off the road while i close my the last week bollards have been placed where i pull in.there is a...
  20. J

    yellow vest protests

    i am watching the live feed of the protests in paris on rt on youtube. it must be having detrimental effects on saturday business in the city

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