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  1. holly smoke

    Today at work

    Only slightly [emoji23]
  2. holly smoke

    Today at work

    Not the best picture but I got 15 acres of wheat In today
  3. holly smoke

    Sirius Minerals agrees £405m Takeover

    Know people who have bought shares at 40p and more. It was a very big gamble. Surly it would have been easier to tunnel to boulby were all the works we’re already there. Cheaper than going all the way to teeside
  4. holly smoke

    Front linkage McCormick

    Front linkage wanted for a mtx
  5. holly smoke

    Weaving subdisc

    What sort of power does a 3 meter one take to pull. Got a few hills and some clay here
  6. holly smoke

    G M Stevenson

    We have hired tractors of them and bought 1 off them. Very good to deal with as said before. Would buy from them again
  7. holly smoke

    Australia burns , what effect is it having on national stock / crop levels

    Can’t like that picture. I saw it on Facebook earlier was it from the nasa images. Just looks like if it doesn’t rain soon the whole country will be on fire.
  8. holly smoke

    Lamma 2020

    Going down early Tuesday morning from Whitby for both days stopping in Birmingham
  9. holly smoke

    Lamma 2020

    Going down early Tuesday morning from Whitby for both days stopping in Birmingham
  10. holly smoke

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Not worked it out yet. I know they made more than a load that went before Xmas deadweight and cost slightly more but were better cattle.
  11. holly smoke

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Thirsk. Mainly sucklers bought in at the beginning of the year. Most weren’t to far off doubling up from purchase price
  12. holly smoke

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Fat cattle not a bad trade today Don’t think they would have made that price dead weight
  13. holly smoke

    Today at work

    Went out to feed up all pigs ok. Went to feed the fat beast to find this little 1 with its mother Mother and baby doing well It’s a Christmas miracle
  14. holly smoke

    Front linkage

    Used front linkage from a McCormick mtx or case Mx wanted fold up type preferably
  15. holly smoke

    Pan tiles and sandstone ridges

    Approximately 400 pan tiles and Approximately 30 meters of sandstone ridges for sale just taken off a roof this week but would go back on and use again Price negotiable On pallets and can be wrapped for transport Located near Whitby
  16. holly smoke

    Home for the last week

  17. holly smoke

    Today at work

    Started yesterday replacing an old pan tile roof that has leaked for years as the lats were knackered Replacing it with new fibre cement sheets as we don’t have enough tiles to go back on as there is quite a few bust tiles Hopefully be water tight for a few years now
  18. holly smoke

    Front linkage

    I think gm Stephenson has 1 for a mc McCormick if it would fit
  19. holly smoke

    Today at work

    Last ones in for this year. There’s always 1 that won’t come in but she walked straight into the pen today 1 month later that the rest
  20. holly smoke

    Which straw blower

    We have a teagle 8500 was told it will do both silage and straw and was heavier build than a 8100. Don’t know if that’s true! It will blow straw 55-60 feet in the right conditions that’s with 85 hp on the front don’t think it would blow further with a bigger tractor.

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