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  1. Wishful Thinker

    Random hole

    What’s this then? Spotted last night, thought not just right, dog cornered ewe check bag all ok thought nothing of it. Saw something hanging from her tonight so caught her. Never seen it before. Gave her an AB and let her away again.
  2. Wishful Thinker

    National Trust- Wild Flower Packs

    At Balmoral last week, stopped in at their stall and got a wee sachet of wild flower seeds, thought it was a great idea. Went to throw them out over a bare patch of soil between edge of garden and field. Was having a read all that was in it as was walking across lawn. Last on the list was St...
  3. Wishful Thinker

    30th Birthday

    What to buy for a farmer turning 30? Anything outside of the box?
  4. Wishful Thinker

    Am I Over Reacting?

    Man walks in to your farm, goes in to cubicle house, takes a video and posts it on facebook. First you know about it is when your mate texts you asking is it your place. Would you be ticked off ? Now nothing wrong with video, shed looks well enough, but this is second time it’s been done...
  5. Wishful Thinker

    What’s happened here?

    Lump on top of udder, doesn’t seem to be mastitis any ideas?
  6. Wishful Thinker

    Painting -RT

    Do I need to paint the bulk tank room for RT? Doing area behind robot just wondering if need to do anywhere else?
  7. Wishful Thinker

    Weather Recording App

    Recently got a weather station, would like to keep a record but I know if I was to write it down it wouldn’t be done after a while. So was wondering if there was a handy weather app that would help record it ?
  8. Wishful Thinker

    SKY - The destruction of sport

    British Open on this weekend, I don’t really like golf but I always enjoyed watching the Open but now thanks to great Sky it’s no longer on terrestrial tv. Champions League football gone the same way along with many other events. Yes the sports are earning more money but do they not realise if...
  9. Wishful Thinker

    Calf won’t suck

    Calf born last Saturday and has yet to suck. Cow is 15yr old and bag fairly low to ground so chances of it sucking her are slim but it won’t take from the bottle either. Tubed twice a day, has got vit e and mineral drench. Also shot of metacam and norodine. Any ideas?
  10. Wishful Thinker

    Grassland Help

    Reader at backend didn’t work. Photo attached what do I do? Very short on grass and extra cows so need it back ASAP ideally start of May. Work on a 21 day rotation. Just a complete disaster.
  11. Wishful Thinker

    Wise Cows

    My dad has always maintained experienced cows will let you know when they are ready for calving and well this year I can definitely confirm it, no need for moo call here. (Likely jinxed myself) Anyone else experienced it? I’m not talking about bones moving or tails up or slime out. Our cows act...
  12. Wishful Thinker


    Talk about fed up with this useless company. Dropped my phone in to [emoji90]smashed screen and speaker not working. Looked about upgrade, O2 considerably more expensive than anyone else, now trying to leave them to get elsewhere and they are just being so so awkward can't get my contract...
  13. Wishful Thinker

    Poor Grassland

    Hi folks Couple of pictures attached of a field of mine that isn't performing. It is rotationally grazed but isn't keeping up with the rest. Was soil tested last year (5.9) but access is an issue so only got granular lime. There were small brown patches last year but a lot worse this year...
  14. Wishful Thinker

    Calves over Bulls lifetime

    Sorry maybe done before, can't find any. What would you class as acceptable? We need a new bull and was just looking over figures our current bull only produced 108 calves. The last bull was worse. 9 week calving period and both have only lasted 3 seasons. I'm selling them before they are...
  15. Wishful Thinker

    Walking stock along road.

    We have to walk stock a few times a year along the road. Today it went wrong. Walked 30 cattle along the 1/4mile stretch all went smoothly. Along the stretch there is 19 houses so it is quite a feat. When it came to the sheep it didn't go quite so well, new pup split them up sent them in to 3...
  16. Wishful Thinker

    200L Drums Project

    Have a fair few drums gathered up, what can I make out of them? Will do the obvious troughs but anything else useful on a beef and sheep farm! Photos appreciated.
  17. Wishful Thinker

    Show me some respect.

    Respect is earned I know, but being discriminated for age is doing my head in! I'm 26 look 18, still get asked for ID when the Mrs orders a Tesco delivery. Fair enough. Currently looking to do up my garden, been pricing 2 companies both came out showed no interest, it's a reasonable size job...
  18. Wishful Thinker

    Dodgy Calf

    Just looking some opinions. Cow calved this morning, nothing unusual did it itself. Old cow this is her 10th calf and its bag is very low so thought better to give calf a hand, got it up and looks funny. This was about 6hrs later, legs bit bandy and as it was sucking noticed it was bleeding from...
  19. Wishful Thinker

    Useless Agri Designers/Engineers

    I've 4 very sore fingers thanks to some stupid ejit that designed my new creep feeder. Its ridiculously heavy, has no ball hitch so can't pull with Quad only way I see it can be moved is with an arm of a tractor and in this weather what use is that. Pulled it on back of Quad it slipped off and...
  20. Wishful Thinker

    B12 Deficiency

    So lost a ewe last week and almost another this week. Vet thinks it's a B12 deficiency and since I have been injecting it the ewe has improved. So why would my ewes be deficient? Anyone else had similar problems? Both had sore feet, both treated and seemed to be on mend, first started acting odd...

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