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  1. Spencer

    Concrete Costs

    Looking at converting a general storage building into a grain store this spring. Current floor is concrete, mostly in very good order but due to the building being used for fixed plant some years ago it’s at different levels. There’s also areas of rubble and hardcore. Shed is 40m by 18m just...
  2. Spencer

    Vaderstad 300 c

    Must be a c model, anyone trading?
  3. Spencer

    Free Standing Concrete Dividing Walls

    Looking at splitting up a shed for grain storage next year and just working on some costings. Looking at either 2.5 or 3m high type for loading on both sides. Anyone have a price or recommendations before I start ringing round?
  4. Spencer

    Lime or LimeX

    Two Artic loads of either to LA11 postcode. Proper ground limestone not road grit please, or LimeX if your coming up this way. Thanks
  5. Spencer

    Moore Allen, Wiltshire

    Anyone go today? What did combine make?
  6. Spencer

    Combine Transport

    Looking for a price and availability to move a combine end of next week? South west to North West, pm for details please. Many thanks S
  7. Spencer

    Kuhn SW4004

    New to us Kuhn. One of the wrap holders keeps letting go as the knife cuts.. any ideas anyone? All looks in order and same as the other which operates fine.., always the offside one ? :scratchhead:
  8. Spencer


    Quite Interesting
  9. Spencer

    Lexion Unloading Auger

    Can anyone tell me the respective diameters of their Lexion unloading auger tubes? Are 500’s, 600’s, 700’s all the same diameter? I would think the later top models are larger? Later style Tucano’s as well if anyone’s got one and a tape handy? I’m after a Lexion unloading auger spout for my...
  10. Spencer

    Darlington Farmers Mart Anyone off tomorrow? Interested to know what combine makes?
  11. Spencer

    Finishing Mower

    6 foot rotary finishing mower for compact tractor, anything about secondhand?
  12. Spencer


    15t 24:0:14:5so3 Compound Yara or CF Delivery LA11
  13. Spencer

    2388 Axial Flow

    Anyone trading in a low houred 2388. Needs to be one of the last Exclusive 2006-2008?
  14. Spencer

    Sunderlands Hereford

    Anyone going this Saturday? Busy elsewhere but would be keen to know what grain dryer makes.
  15. Spencer

    Boston Farming Company 3rd November

    Anyone know anything about these guys and what kit might be like?
  16. Spencer

    Grass Seed

    500kg of Italian Ryegrass Mix please.
  17. Spencer

    Flange Bolts

    Anyone know where I can get some 1/2” 13 x 1 1/14” Grade 8 flange bolts? In this country preferably..
  18. Spencer

    Pickups and Vans : Toyota - Hilux Invincible

    Pickups and Vans : Toyota - Hilux Invincible Category: Pickups and Vans Manufacturer: Toyota Price: £12750 Condition: Used Description: Here is my 2013 Toyota Hilux Invincible. 3.0 litre Manual Unmarked Leather Interior Rubber Mats Toyota load liner Tow Bar One owner from new Full...
  19. Spencer


    14 tonnes Yara Sulphur Cut or similar Compound 3 tonnes Korn-Kali Delivery LA11 Beginning of March
  20. Spencer

    900 60 r42

    Can anyone tell me if these will fit under a 828? Currently on 650 85 r38 but could do with something wider for top work. What would they require on fronts to match up?

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