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  1. rusty

    Win 10 startup problem

    Having problems with a new Dell laptop. Bought to replace my mother window 7 laptop. On set up tried to make chrome the default browser but Microsoft said no as it was in 'safe mode'. Altered a setting to try and take it out of safe mode. On restarting it gets stuck on the screen where you...
  2. rusty

    BBC I forgive you

    See you in March, I am off on the Nuffield trip too.
  3. rusty

    Silage trailer height

    Be careful about changing the use. In our catchment someone got a grant to roof over an outside concrete yard. They then put some gates across the front and bedded it up for some cattle. They were inspected and had to pay the grant money back and may have also been fined.
  4. rusty

    Battery cages

    Could anyone confirm if this photo is the old style battery cage or an enriched one. The image was used in a presentation at my daughters school about Veganism to demonstrate factory farming. My 15 year old daughter told the teacher this photo would not be in the UK as it was illegal to keep...
  5. rusty

    Jf/kongskilde parts

    Andrew Parnham tractors at Waterhouses near Leek are dealers for JF-Stoll, owned by Konskilde. Rang up last week for a price on an extra door for the feeder wagon. Parts man said he would have to ring Konskilde but warned me they were not very swift at getting back to them.
  6. rusty

    NFU Legal Assistance Scheme

    Friend of mine had over 50k from LAS. He had unwarranted environmental restrictions placed on him and it was a point of principal that would have had implications for other farmers. This is where LAS comes into its own with cases you could not afford to fully fund yourself.
  7. rusty

    Situation Vacant Assistant Herdsman- Peak District Derbyshire

    We are looking for a Assistant Herdsperson to be a part of a team of 4 for our 330 cow, 500 acre dairy farm. The herd is autumn block calving and run on a paddock grazing system, making maximum use of grazed grass through a fully tracked paddock system. We rear around 90 replacements every year...
  8. rusty

    All things Dairy

    Yours will be the one with the freeze brand!
  9. rusty

    Amazone Amaspray+ with GPS Switch terminal ?

    I have an Amazone fertiliser spreader with Amatron and GPS switch. I was looking for a second hand Amazone sprayer that could use this control box and was told by a dealer that the sprayer would have to be less than 6 or 7 years old to work with GPS switch. Think the 'brains' are on the machine...
  10. rusty

    Anybody else sick of mobile phones not lasting?

    Anyone else found that that when an Apple I phone breaks down it's not covered by warranty? Has happened with wife and daughters phones at less than a year old. I Run a Motorola Moto G. At about £150 it's not the end of the world to replace every year. However current ones speaker playing up...
  11. rusty

    Twin auger feed wagon value £

    7 years ago I bought a 3 year old JF VM22 twin auger machine for 17k it had only done 2 years work and would have cost mid 30's new.
  12. rusty

    JCB TM320 drivers

    I still have my year 2000 TM 270 as a back up machine. Love the dump switch on the joystick but have never felt the need to cut the transmission when pressing the brakes. I have this option on my 320S but never have it switched on. This machine also has choice of left hand switch for...
  13. rusty

    Dairy calf separation

    Th old ADAS did a trial on this about 20 years ago at the old Bridget's experimental Husbandry farm in Hampshire. They had to abandon it part way through as they really struggled to get cows in calf with such a long voluntary waiting period for 18 month calving.
  14. rusty

    Tomlinson's dairy

    Certainly in the big supermarkets the price they pay for milk bares no correlation to what they sell it for on the shelf. The money tends to be in brands, e.g Cathederal City, Lurpak and Cravendale.
  15. rusty

    Tomlinson's dairy

    Have heard no collections today. Sainsbury's aligned milk going to Muller?
  16. rusty

    Calf cubicles

    Think ours are at 26" centre's. Will try and get a photo tomorrow.
  17. rusty

    Best tractor for stockman on diet feeder

    I pull a 22m3 twin auger feeder wagon with aJD6430. Last thing I want is 2wd on slippy concrete or snow covered yards when it weighs 16 tonnes loaded.
  18. rusty


    Viewed a system in Cumbria on a dairy/sheep farm. They had a 70kw turbine and the intake was about 1000m up the hill. Water intake was through a big mesh like a cheese grater. Pipe down the hill was about 300-400mm diameter. Looked to be a good earner with payback in under 4 years . They had...

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