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  1. Forever Fendt

    ABS Brakes

    I am slowly getting components together for a trailer build it will be carrying about 15 tons we will be fitting air brakes This will be a huge step forward as we have only had hydraulic before I was wondering is it worth going to the expense of adding ABS This will add about £500 to the build...
  2. Forever Fendt

    New trailer build

    Has anyone built there own trailer and had it type approved or what the modem std is I just wondered how much of a palaver it would be any help appreciated
  3. Forever Fendt

    Round 2 small grant

    Anybody had the nod yet for round 2
  4. Forever Fendt

    Calves scouring

    I have a batch of calves about 3 month of have started scouting not all of but almost half they were moved into a new field about a week ago they all look happy enough and still all sucking but have dirty backends the scour is a cream white colour not seen any blood in any but a bit of jelly...
  5. Forever Fendt

    Bale handler

    number 2 tacked together and ready to be welded up
  6. Forever Fendt

    limousin Bull

    pure breed limousin bull 17 month old breed from pedigree cow and Ai sire (Netherhall Galant) proven stock getter and very quite and easy to handle TB 4 area located Northumberland £1350 pictures to follow
  7. Forever Fendt

    Weaning autumn born calves

    As title i have just sold 20 autumn born calves as i am a bit worried if its a dry time and run out of grass . I have kept them in on a clean bed and fly treated them and feeding them on hay but they have bagged up massively is there anything else i could do to avoid any bad bag trouble ,They...
  8. Forever Fendt

    Corn bin

    Wanted corn bin about 5/6 ton preferably with corrugated sides, poor condition considered max 60 miles from Derby. Please pm
  9. Forever Fendt

    Store cattle

    stores for sale 6/8 month old Charolais and Limousine sired from Beef cows £675 and £700 29 to chose from all Tb clear from a farm never had any tb
  10. Forever Fendt

    Air rifle

    Thinking of buying a Air rifle to sort a bit of vermin out around the yard, would one of these be any use and any advice or recommendations most welcome thanks
  11. Forever Fendt

    Young bull not walking very well

    Turned cows out with Back end calves and a young bull calf 6 months old has trouble walking takes about 5 paces then down on his knees and they look swollen never noticed anything in the shed and they were vaccinated yesterday, any ideas
  12. Forever Fendt

    Limousin Bull

    Young Limousin bull 16 months old sired by Netherhall gallant and out of pedigree cow but not registered. Full brother here can be seen along with this years calves from him very quite and easy to handle TB tested and ready to go from a farm that has never had TB £1700 ono
  13. Forever Fendt

    Improving herd health

    I would like to improve herd health not as i have had a problem but want to reduce risk at the moment i will have about 25 calves and cows that are max 4 weeks old to go out in a couple of weeks hopefully and 18 cows with autumn born calves that are all scanned as off yesterday 45/65 days in...
  14. Forever Fendt

    pto stub shaft

    Would any one know where i could get a 1 3/4" splined pro shaft about 400mm long total to cut a keyway in it and a couple of bearings on it for a saw bench modification thanks
  15. Forever Fendt

    Rotor spreader

    Never thought i would be saying this but i am thinking of buying a rotor spreader as it will do what i need needs to be quit big and have 150hp available ,Any makes to look at and any to avoid
  16. Forever Fendt

    Derby to Carlisle or Newcastle

    Anyone traveling north to take a young bull from Derby to Dunns Scottish Borders anywhere north of Carlisle or Newcastle would be fine please pm if you can help thanks
  17. Forever Fendt

    Leyland 272

    A mate wants a hand to put a clutch in a leyland 272 tractor,Had nothing to do with them does it have to be split,Just thinking about the cast subframe they look to have ,Any advice appreciated ( telling him to sort him self not an option) thanks
  18. Forever Fendt

    Selling stores

    I am sending some stores to market tomorrow and they are not as clean as i would have liked will it matter or would it be better to clean them up a bit ,Will it reduce price as they are at the moment
  19. Forever Fendt

    FB Marketplace shipping containers for sale

    One trip shipping containers for sale as new £350 near Litchfield can deliver at cost, messaged the guy and all sold except one send £100 deposit with all your details Address,postcode email and contact number.The sort code is Chelmsford and the images are from internet .So he would have Bank...
  20. Forever Fendt

    Calf temp

    At what temp would you consider treating a calf that just not look as happy as normal

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