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  1. Hesstondriver

    Do steel buildings need concrete on top of holding down bolts ?

    looking at a GP shed going up, stone floor be going in so just wondering what others do if not pouring an internal slab ?
  2. Hesstondriver

    inverter ark welder - Which is positive ?

    the stickers have fallen off my cables , (i dont normally remove) them, is the rod positive & earth negative ?
  3. Hesstondriver


    A few from a short break :
  4. Hesstondriver

    Small Grant Acceptance

    just doing my acceptance on the online portal - it doesn't like my date what am i doing wrong? :
  5. Hesstondriver

    Wish / groupon app/ website

    Does anyone actually use these to buy things from - I keep seeing adverts, but I’m very sceptical of things that appear to be too good to be true?
  6. Hesstondriver

    15' free-standing feed barrier & trough

    as above looking for something like this
  7. Hesstondriver

    Euro auctions Leeds

    Any one go regularly ? Is it the land of bargains where dreams come true ? Or not worth the hassle?
  8. Hesstondriver

    Livestock building- is my budget ok

    For a 100x 40 x15 livestock special Erected with rubble floor & concrete I don’t of feed barrier . Is 30k in the right area ? Building are circa 20k (with panels) delivered Just trying to put a budget together Cheers
  9. Hesstondriver

    Nix / ABC gross margins / costs for Wheat & Barley

    could someone post a couple of the pics of winter wheat and w &S barley costs please. ive just looked and my books are from my harper days some 15 years ago! im just trying to benchmark some livestock GMs against arable for mixed land cheers Hesston
  10. Hesstondriver

    Durrants farm sale - suffolk

    did any on go and see what the MF6290 made ?
  11. Hesstondriver

    Pedigree Simmental Bulls for sale

    we have some Pedigree Sim bulls, available. bred by our Corskie stock bull we are planning to take them to autumn bull sales but if anyone needs a bull now or during the summer let me know TB4 area
  12. Hesstondriver

    Show Soap - (as in Cattle Showing)

    is there anyone on here who makes there own clear show soap ? hear of quite a few of the bigger breeders / showing outfits making their own coat dressing, given the cost of it im interested to see if there is a cost saving and how one would go about it
  13. Hesstondriver

    My name is Hesston and I am weak

    It’s June FFS
  14. Hesstondriver

    rights of access - whos deeds / title should they be on

    in the case of : persons of property X have a right of access over land Y would this be stated on the title of land Y (eg the owner of Y must grant access blah blah) or would it be on the title of land X (the owner of land X have a right of access over land Y)? if it was the latter how would...
  15. Hesstondriver

    ifor williams floor pop rivets

    can somebody tell me , what they are called and where to get them from ? I am stumped ! cheers HD
  16. Hesstondriver

    High Health scheme (cattle) Recomendations

    we are current with a well known Scottish based health scheme, but we have been let down a few times recently so are looking for other options, so far in the last 2 months, they have lost our results , sent us somebody else's results, failed to log that our bloods were delivered and they were...
  17. Hesstondriver

    smallest 50kph tractor?

    what are the options for a tractor with 50k box & air brackes etc but keeping to below say 130hp? don't have massive power requirement but would be handy to nip along on the road. most tend to be 150hp + cheers
  18. Hesstondriver


    Can a gate / feed barrier that has be galvanised be re-galvanised ?
  19. Hesstondriver

    Claas targo k70- your thoughts?

    has anyone got comments/ experiences with the above claas handler ? General farm duties on beef farm- bale stacking , loading muck and generally being a wheelbarrow with a seat on it . TIA Hesston
  20. Hesstondriver

    Pre calving milk fever (suckler cows)

    historically we’ve had one post calver and one pre calver go down with it in ten years. This year we had one a fortnight ago, one this morning and another this afternoon, today’s two have responded well to calcium (iv and sub cut) There is nothing we can think of management wise that we have...

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