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  1. crazy_bull

    Honda Quad front wheel bearing

    Just so I can get myself prepared for the worst has anyone had to replace the front wheel assembly. Where the wheel attaches to the hub is all wobbly and crunchy :eek: The quad Is getting on and has done a hell a lot of work so only a matter of time before something went pop. anyone replaced...
  2. crazy_bull

    Are the RPA incentivised to withhold payments due?

    Applied for BPS as per usual on time and complete..... or so I thought. We are eligible and have claimed the young farmer top up for the last 2 years, was advised by an RPA advisor on the phone that we only needed to provide the original application plus a letter signed and stating that the...
  3. crazy_bull

    Black IBC's Cambridgeshire

    Looking for a few black IBC's for water storage. Anyone want shot of 2-4? Thanks
  4. crazy_bull

    Mystery sticky seeds

    Picked up by the dogs today in a wood, like cleavers but bigger and pear shaped. Absolute sod to get out their fur, so has a Velcro like covering. Any ideas on what it is? C B
  5. crazy_bull

    Joining Plastic to old metal water pipe

    So what’s the best way to do this? Think there are adapters but seeing as the metal pipe won’t flex is difficult to just add in a T piece. C B
  6. crazy_bull

    Saggy Power line too low?

    Managed to rip down a powerline the other day with a trailer laiden with bales. Silly I know, however last year we went out the same gate way with the same trailer and same number of bales high and got watched under and a good 12" clearance, so wrongly assumed this year would be...
  7. crazy_bull

    Countryside stewardship download deadline passed!

    so got distracted and forgot to download the application pack for mid tear, well to be honest I didn't realise the pack had to be downloaded by the end of May, and just knew the dead line to apply was end of July. Has anyone successfully got an application pack post end of May? Why would they...
  8. crazy_bull

    Shedding sheep of some description

    I have not converted to the other side! Father wants some lawn mowers for a paddock and I can't be arsed to give him some of ours and then have to go down and shear them etc, so thinking if I get him some shedders, they can happily chomp away and not get struck, not need shearing etc To be...
  9. crazy_bull

    Are people without a bank account dodgy?

    immediate thought is yes they are........however is that right? Looking at renting a Unit to a couple to store household stuff since they downsized and don't want to sell it yet (hoarders I guess as they downsized 10years ago and stuff been in storage since then, current unit yard being sold...
  10. crazy_bull

    651 vs 683 JD loaders

    So delving into the murky world of tractors!!! As I know the best part of F All about various models etc. I have the offer of two virtually identical tractors 6330’s One has a 651 loader, the other has a 683 loader. I am assuming the 683 is a stronger higher rated loader? Can any of you...
  11. crazy_bull

    Magnesium spray on grass

    So I have given up on the bolus idea as it seems the longest acting bolus is 3 week, and I won't be able to gather everyone up every three weeks easily. So how about applying liquid mag via a sprayer to the grass, has anyone done this. I am thinking Mag Nitrate or Mag Sulphate...... Can this...
  12. crazy_bull

    Magnesium Bolus? sheep

    Do any of you guys use mag bolus's for your ewes, we suffer terribly from grass staggers, we can cure it in a dry year with mag flakes in the troughs, but in a wet year like last year the sods drank out of puddles and ponds that formed about the place an ignored the troughs, so thinking a bolus...
  13. crazy_bull

    Diesel & Shipping costs to go up?

    Ships to have to change to refined gas oil over higher sulphur oil, or fit emission scrubbers. Sorry if already discussed but I had missed this...
  14. crazy_bull

    Sheep feed blocks

    looking for quotes for 2000kg of: extra energy + protein blocks Lifeline Or similar Either in 22.5kg blocks or buckets or 80kg tubs C B
  15. crazy_bull

    Blue coolant liquid in jacketed bulk tank

    Can anyone make an educated guess as to what the blue coolant liquid in an old jacketed bulk tank would be. I am removing an old bulk tank and to do so need to lighten it up, so the coolant liquid has to come out........ I then need to get rid of it correctly, as don't want to kill everything...
  16. crazy_bull

    Strong lambs squitty

    So a bunch of good strong lambs 40kg+ that are probably a month off being fit have suddenly started to sh!t through the eye of a needle. Not all of them, but it started as 3 or 4, about 10 days ago, then 20+ a week ago and now probably 30-40 out of a mob of 140, we caught them up at the weekend...
  17. crazy_bull

    Cambs to NI straw

    5 loads of hesstons to go to Larne NI. Anyone know of anyone? current haulier is out of action for a month so looking at options C B
  18. crazy_bull

    Pressure washer to 'drive' a drain jetter

    anyone got an opinion on ideal pressure/volume rate to run a jetting hose, the 5 back one forward jets. Not looking to do land drains, but need to clean out a fair few yard drains. Cheers C B
  19. crazy_bull

    Hook Bolt supplier cement building

    Not your normal J bolt, these are for attaching to concrete frame building. Have a few sheets to replace, but the bolts will be buggered so easier to put new bolts....... if I can find some: The one pictured has been stretched, the first angle (from the shaft) should be 90 degrees. Anyone...
  20. crazy_bull

    Alligator Sheep handling system

    Aligator handling system, Race and trailer system including 15 hurdles 1 sweep gate 3 our riggers Works fine just out grown it. Think there is a light board somewhere as well but not sure if that works. £3000+vat

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