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  1. KennyO

    Rappa barrow

    3 reel rappa barrow. I bought it off another forum member but have never used it. £250 Plus vat 07967 300774 located Angus, Scotland
  2. KennyO

    Strip till on a mixed farm with potatoes?

    Is anybody practicing strip tip in Scotland or Northern England successfully in a rotation with potatoes. Currently ploughing everything and drilling with a power harrow drill, except sometimes just deep cultivation after potatoes. I believe @Colin did have a claydon. Interested from a soil...
  3. KennyO

    New Holland Autoguide problem

    Occasionally getting message Autoguidance Switch Set to off when running along field on Autoguide and have to grab steering wheel. Have to switch off tractor before I can get switch to work again. Planning on drilling tomorrow and fault seems to be occurring more regularly unfortunately. Spoke...
  4. KennyO

    Deleting swath maps on New Holland

    How do you clear the green painted maps if using same ab lines again? Thanks
  5. KennyO

    "New posts" settings

    Can I set my "new posts" to ignore forum sections like in the old set up. I keep getting sucked in to reading Brexit threads and would rather not see them. @Chris F ? Thanks
  6. KennyO

    JCB JS130

    I've seen a 2006 JS130 advertised locally. Says its in good condition and priced at 16k. Would it be an ok farm digger, to replace our early 80s Yumbo? Just a bit of drainage and ditch cleaning. May get used to load muck spreader to.
  7. KennyO

    New Shed Build

    Building a 30m long by 15.5m wide 6m high GP/ cattle shed. Site was previously used for stacking empty potato boxes but have extended into field a bit. Digging out with our old Yumbo Our digger is about fecked so called in a contractor to help level stone and sort drains More later
  8. KennyO

    C&F gone

    C&F green energy gone bust today. Another one bites the dust.
  9. KennyO

    Laser level

    Considering getting a rotary laser level to help grade a shed site I am doing and also for helping with drainage we do. Will only be used at home so was looking at the cheaper ones. Anyone got any experience of This is an entry level kit I was considering...
  10. KennyO

    Hedge cutter controls

    Is there any reason why I should not run hedger functions off tractor spools? Got an old bomford with cable controls and just wondered about extending pipes and plugging in to tractor spools. Could even work it off joystick if I put it on new tractor. Got four double acting spools on tractors.
  11. KennyO

    Merc A class or Volvo v40?

    Mrs KO needs a new car. Current Volvo v60 is being a pain. Fancy something a bit smaller as we dont need to cart pram about now and use my truck for long hauls. Anyone any experience of the above. Would be A200d or D3 or 4 Volvo. I propably prefer volvo as its a bit less showy but merc is one...
  12. KennyO

    Trimble 750 plus ezipilot- what's it worth?

    Got a 750 screen plus antenna, ezipilot electric steering wheel and controller. With all required wiring. Been in a New Holland 6080. 2014 year. What would it be worth to sell? New tractor has a steer valve and this isn't compatible without getting a nav controller so may sell whole kit...
  13. KennyO

    Removing stuck bolt

    Got a 200mm long m16 bolt which goes through plough beam. Now stuck solid. Moved about 25mm one way to start then bound up- tried to knock it back in with no success. Tried heat which made ends brittle and never helped. Used a hammer which was too big which has not helped. Been trying to...
  14. KennyO

    Tractor Replacement- New vs Nearly New

    Does anyone have any figures on how much cheaper a year old less than 1000hr tractor should be vs new. And maybe rising to a two or three year old one. Obviously with new you often get 0% finance and more warranty. Looking at various options and trying to work out how much cheaper an ex-hire...
  15. KennyO


    Anyone using the pro version? Thoughts please if you are Currently using pen and paper plus excel for weights. We are beef finishers buying in 200 head a year. Thought this might help me keep things up to date. Thanks
  16. KennyO

    Vehicle Leasing and VAT

    Looking into leasing as an option for a family car. Have read about leasing through the business (partnership) and claiming back half the VAT and the lease cost being allowable against tax. Can this be done with a vehicle that will only do a small percentage of 'business use'? Will also be...
  17. KennyO

    Javelin/ Irrifrance Gearbox

    Got an old irrigator that bust the gearbox that controls where the pipe winds in on real. It is a Bondoli & Pavesi 1080 I think. Anyone got one lying about. pm if you do
  18. KennyO

    Mengele SH30 New Blades

    Any tips for replacing the blades on our old SH30. Got nine new blades from @Will 1594 just need to get one more. Have wound the drum right back and removed the lid and sharpening stone. Got first blade off easily enough (heated nuts). Was planning to just work round fitting new ones as I go...
  19. KennyO

    Improving a Re-Seed

    Got a field of young grass that isn't as good as I would like. Was established by undersowing spring oats last year. Had a dry start, then oats shaded it too much and finally was a late harvest and straw lay for ages. Cattle were also on it in the back end when they shouldn't have been so it...
  20. KennyO

    Ford Ranger Chrome Bars

    Chrome Bars off a 2017 Ranger Limited. Removed when new to fit a Canopy. Been sitting in my garage for a year . £250 cash on collection NO VAT Could stick on a pallet if required . Call or text Kenny on 07967 300774

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