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  1. SteveHants

    Sheep & Cattle Health and Welfare Day - Harper Adams 9/1/20

    Did anyone here go to that? What were your thoughts? I thought there were a couple of "elephants in the room", one of which was definitely genetics...…. I was, however, very pleased at the time spent on sheep things - everyone loves cattle and sheep don't normally get a look in.
  2. SteveHants

    MAF sensor cleaning

    I seem to have a powertrain fault on my Volvo V60, which diagnostics has suggested is a dirty MAF sensor. Has anyone gone about cleaning them themselves? How did it go?
  3. SteveHants

    Wanted: House to Rent (Gloucs area)

    Bit of a long shot this but: I have just taken up a job lecturing on Ag Sci degrees at Hartpury and am looking for somewhere to live within about 1/2 hours drive - I have checked all the usual outlets. Looking for: 2 bed small house (or similar) preferably in the country, I have a daughter...
  4. SteveHants

    Indoor Lambing Flock?

    If you had to have an indoor lambing flock, what breed would you choose and why? Would you pen them individually or have some sort of system whereby they could still roam and were lambed in batches? Bear in mind that I'm not a massive fan of mules, but I'm willing to have my mind changed. This...
  5. SteveHants

    SufTex Ram For Sale

    Three shear. Out of Peter Baber stock. Has been put to outdoor lambing Exlana ewes to produce market lambs. £200. Pics to follow.
  6. SteveHants

    Charollais Ram For Sale

    Three shear - Does everything he's supposed to do. All of his offspring have been born out of doors with no difficulty. Never been fed anything but grass. £200. Pics to follow.
  7. SteveHants

    Exlana Ram For Sale

    Proven Exlana Ram, 3 Yr old. Does everything he's supposed to. £200. Also have a couple of woolshedding teasers for meat price plus a tenner.
  8. SteveHants

    Char x and SufTex x Exlana Ewes For Sale

    These are either Charrolais or Suftex X Easycare ewes that I'd been breeding from because I had more grass available than I could breed replacement ewes. None shed, except around the wool line. There are a few shearlings that have never lambed, but the two tooths and older have all lambed...
  9. SteveHants

    Ram Lambs as Stores

    Due to a cock-up with teasers last year (basically I hadn't realised it would take them so long to become infertile after their vasectomy) I had a rather spread out lambing this year with a number being born middle May. I am now running out of grass and am going to put all the females in as...
  10. SteveHants

    Stocking Rate on Winter Turnips

    I have just been offered about 60ac of turnips. However, to do with whatever scheme the landowner is in, they can't be fertilised, so apparently they won't have much top to them. How many sheep do you think I could put on them? I imagine the sheep could be up there for a few months max. They...

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