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  1. An Gof

    Young farmers image

    I will have to ask my sister for a Local’s view as she lives in South Cave. She had nothing to do with farming or YFC though
  2. An Gof

    Villiers on the way out?

    Villiers is well out of her depth at Defra. Heaven help us if she isn’t moved.
  3. An Gof

    Storm ciara

    Apologies already tendered and written reports sent (y)
  4. An Gof

    6 furrow Plough

    I have a 5F KV auto reset and my JD6630 will not handle it at all. Struggles to boss it in the yard on concrete :LOL: I guess it depends on the plough but no way I can see a 6630 handling a 6F unless you have some serious weight a long way out on the front. Think it might be sensible to match...
  5. An Gof

    Storm ciara

    Was meant to be on a flight from Heathrow to Philadelphia today but it’s been cancelled
  6. An Gof

    Red tractor rat poison question

    It’s so much easier when you rely on Cats and Terriers for control ;)
  7. An Gof

    Unable to paste items in MS Powerpoint on a MacBook

    I seem to have suddenly developed a problem with Powerpoint on my Apple MacBook. When i copy a photo to insert into a presentation the paste function under the Edit menu is greyed out and not available. This happened without notice part way through working on a presentation. Can anybody help me...
  8. An Gof

    Ride On Mower

    2.5 acres, slopes and tough bits. Forget the Stiga you need something more commercial. Get along to your local Kubota dealer and start from there.
  9. An Gof

    3m sumo hp?

    If it’s a Sumo Trio it will depend on the ground, working depth, soil type and topography. I run a 2.5m Trio on a 6170R and wouldn’t want any less gee gees or tractor weight on my ground. In summary I reckon you are being optimistic.
  10. An Gof

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    I don’t know and it’s not right to speculate but from previous posts it appears that JD are thinking big ........ ;)
  11. An Gof

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    I had a chat at Lamma with a very big player in the SW Ag Machinery business (not a JD dealer) I may have been told something similar to you .....
  12. An Gof

    Parkinson's disease.

    My father suffered with and died from Parkinson’s disease. It is very unpleasant, particularly in the later stages. Father had a high exposure to sheep dip as for many many years we were one of the few farms that had a dip and all the neighbours used to dip their sheep here. Can remember as a...
  13. An Gof

    The BBC: "Vegans are Thick"

    You may be a little confused about your quotation there :ROFLMAO: I reckon you have your birds and seasons mixed up ;) must be all this climate change malarkey :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  14. An Gof

    Committee on Climate Change Report The Future For Farming And Land Use

    Have you ever met @Frank-the-Wool and spoken with him @gone up the hill ? I have, and I can assure you he is VERY well respected by his farming peers and a man who has given much to our industry. Perhaps, if you knew him better, you might reconsider your comments.
  15. An Gof

    Committee on Climate Change Report The Future For Farming And Land Use

    I doubt you know @Fromebridge (I do know him) but you make a big mistake in putting him on your ignore list. He has a wealth of knowledge from a lifetimes experience and is quite generous in sharing some of it on TFF (y)
  16. An Gof


    should have kept it and fitted an Oysterflex rubber bracelet 👍
  17. An Gof


    This meets all the criteria bar cheap :LOL: You may also have a long wait to get one from an AD
  18. An Gof

    Company car - advice please

    Asda offices at Leeds 666 mile round trip Tesco at Cheshunt 540 mile round trip Co-op at Manchester 600 mil round trip. The price you pay being based in Cornwall and at the beck and call of Supermarkets.
  19. An Gof

    Company car - advice please

    My wife often drove 600-700 miles in a day and conducted a business meeting. If you live in Conwall you have to travel. A 500 mile round trip in a day for a meeting is just normal.
  20. An Gof

    Farming Number Plates

    Take it you’re not a petrol head :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

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