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    Grain dresser/cleaner

    Looking for a decent capacity grain dresser in working order
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    200acs East Coast Scotland
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    Tragic accident claims one of our own.

    Reading the paper today looks like a member of TFF has had a tragic accident. Terrible news R.I.P
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    Vaderstad cultus 3m autoreset

    3m vaderstad Cultus 3 rows of autoreset tines,spring levellers and large crumble roller Done very little work,good wearing metal £6500+vat
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    Lemken Thorit 3m autoreset

    3m lemken autoreset 3 rows tines,levelling discs,double crumbler,recent new metal Will work down to 30cm £4000+vat
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    Mercedes GLE

    Anyone running one?my disco is due to be changed but not keen on the look of the new one,need something capable of towing 3.5t and usable as family car if needed,Merc looks like it may fit the bill but I doubt it will be anywhere near as capable as my current disco is,any other suggestions,no...
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    10 stud wheels & tyres

    Looking for a pair of 10stud wheels and tyres,18.4×38 or anything bigger,to fit a trailed sprayer.
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    New Holland front links & pto

    Does anybody know who makes the front links and pto's for NH,Our 2013 t7210 front pto clutch is leaking,tried fitting new seals with no success,NH want £1800 just for the hyd clutch!!Was wondering if i could find another source for this.
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    Work boot waranty

    Anybody ever have any luck getting a warranty claim on work boots.Bought a pair of V12 workboots from a local ag supply shop at the end of august last year,one comment made by sales person was they came with a 12 month guarantee,boots are still fine but the rubber soles have cracked up on the...
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    Zurn side knife

    Zurn side knife to fit New Holland combines Good working order Drives off combine knife bar,no motors to go wrong
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    Jcb lift arms

    Pair of lift arms for a Jcb fastrac Came of a JCB 2170 that was stretched for a sprayer Done very little,catch missing off one of them £150+vat the pair
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    Jcb front linkage

    Front linkage for a JCB 2170 Was removed when the fastrac was stretched for a sprayer. Only parts are as pictured £350+vat
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    Case axial flow spares

    Various new axial flow spares 2 x rotor belts 7 x rasp bars new vari header guard rear header extension kit
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    20.8 x 42 stocks duals

    Looking for a set of 20.8r42 duals
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    Trimble ez-steer foot switch

    Foot switch for trimble ez-steer As new never been fitted £60 delivered UK
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    Combine Harvester and Accessories: Other - zurn

    Combine Harvester and Accessories: Other - zurn Category: Combine Harvester and Accessories Manufacturer: Other Price: £450 Condition: Used Description: Zurn mechanical side knife,drives off knife,no motors to go wrong To fit John deere 600 series header Good working order £450+vat...
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    Front pto clutch NH T7.210

    Front pto clutch is leaking on our 7.210,tried new seals in it with no success,found a secondhand one that i was told was ok but it is pissing out oil as well,NH are looking for £1800+vat for a new one,has anyone found an alternative source?Spent about £1k already and have ended up blanking it...
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    Flotation wheels and tyres

    Looking for a set of 800/850/900 wide flotations,prefer full set with fronts to match but rears on there own would be fine.
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    Ploughs: Dowdeswell - 140

    Ploughs: Dowdeswell - 140 Category: Ploughs Manufacturer: Dowdeswell Price: £800 Condition: Used Description: Dowdeswell extra furrow to fit 140 MR plough Autoreset C/W skimmers Came off an ex demo plough so metal as new Images: See the full size images for this listing on the...
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    Wheels: Stocks -

    Wheels: Stocks - Category: Wheels Manufacturer: Stocks Price: £1250 Condition: Used Description: Pair of stocks step down duals/rowcrops 270/95 r 54 90% tread remaining Steps down to fit 42" wheels Can be used as rowcrops with other centres fitted C/W Clamps £1250+vat Images: See...

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