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    Six Nations 2020

    Again you say you don't condone it and then immediately say it's ok! I don't know what happened with the bottle and neither do I care, it's not ok to call a man a pansy because he coaches a rival team. That's not respectful and rugby is forever banging on about how much respect there is in the...
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    Six Nations 2020

    Yeah I remember what he said last week, what's your point? He wants England to be the best team in the world so it's ok to abuse the bloke? He took on a team that was under fire from all areas, since then he's stuck his head up and taken the majority of the flak off his players and we've lost...
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    Six Nations 2020

    What exactly has he said that warrants any verbal abuse from opposing fans? For a game that prattles on about respect there's an awful lot that don't show any of it
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    Six Nations 2020

    It's not ok but it's his own fault :unsure: The whistling has always happened don't think it's much of an issue for kickers to be honest, it's just background noise
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    Six Nations 2020

    Bloody great I thought
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    Six Nations 2020

    Won it with the set piece. If any of our players had figured out that kicking it straight down the middle of the pitch was the best option we'd have thrashed them tbh. Always quite enjoy the games in bad weather though, lots of possession changes and hilarity with people falling over or not...
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    Sheep head yolk

    I made my own. Works pretty well but I don't use it a great deal, mostly just as a stop gate now.
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    Not just you! Not exactly the most user friendly website is it. Sure the new system that's been proposed for 'next year' for the last couple of years will be superb though Or not any worse at least
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    Six Nations 2020

    Tbh the first international game after a world cup final isn't an awful one to lose. At least Jonny may was playing
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    Six Nations 2020

    France look good We look like a village team First time England haven't scored in the first half since 88 or something.
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    Removing compaction without machinery

    I'd say so, wet on top, standing water in places and rock hard, soil is pretty dry 4 inches down
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    Removing compaction without machinery

    So I'm taking on some land in the spring and having walked it a few times some of the ground is suffering with surface compaction. Obviously I could just run a grassland subsoiler through it but I'd rather not if possible. What are my other options?
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    Mob Breeding

    The problem is that wild herds do get inbred but the bad genes die out, which doesn't tend to happen on farm as we tend to try and keep stuff alive
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    Plastic free farming - somebody needs to do something.

    Too many air spaces, you'll end up with a pile of mush
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    lambing pen buckets

    I have a vast selection of buckets picked up for pennies at farm sales. If the ewes break them they get relegated to feed buckets
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    Iola Williams is complete idiot

    S Spread by fleas not rats
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    If you tell lies you'll get caught out eventually

    That's why I asked a council member on Twitter. nice to know the official answer
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    If you tell lies you'll get caught out eventually

    Hereford society bringing it in in July. @Cowgirl should have started it a long time ago, but thats not a reason to not start now. Should allow them to have DNA records for the majority of the breeding females in the country quite quickly. Still waiting on a reply from them about what happens...
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    If you tell lies you'll get caught out eventually

    Breed societies look after themselves. Prices don't ever go down for registrations etc! I can sort of see a justification if you have a branded beef schme like herefords do. Just now while the beef price has been in its arse is possibly not the best time to tell all your members you are...
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    Sheep & Cattle Health and Welfare Day - Harper Adams 9/1/20

    Didn't know anything about it unfortunately. Fancy giving us a brief synopsis?

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