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  1. Fat hen

    Crows love Sluxx

    It has become obvious to me that crows love eating slugs. Just recently drilled then immediately palleted a field of wheat. Within an hour Crows arrive on the field, The next morning it’s covered in crows constantly pecking. As if to prove it my agronomist has wiped blue bird sh!t off his car...
  2. Fat hen

    50Kva PTO Generator bought at a sale...1000 or 540 speed?

    Hi Just acquired a 15yr old 50KVA pto generator from a big estate sale. Its for a 46KVA reqd 22kw turbine for drying floor. Usu hire so seems a cheaper option. Downside being noise and toll on a Ford 7840! Though collectively I doubt itll get used for more than 15-20 days in a year The Ford...
  3. Fat hen

    Spring Barley - Germ dropped & moisture up in shed

    Can anyone suggest a viable explanation for this please. 2017 Propino cut before conditions got wet. 15.5% dried on floor to 14.5%ish. Grain merchant spears it in Sept and again in Dec 2017. Looking good on all fronts for malting. Boat in dock today (March 1st 2018). Moisture 15.6% Germ...
  4. Fat hen

    750a marker arms reqd

    Do any GPS converts have a pair of marker arms lying about. Its for a 6m 750a drill. Please PM me
  5. Fat hen

    750a drill markers - 6m

    Does anyone have a pair of redundant drill markers for a 6m JD 750a? Needed sharpish
  6. Fat hen

    The Claydon Terrablade

    Anyone spot this at Cereals? Like the simplicity of it. Bit like what organic farmers use. Attaches to front linkage. Manual steer. Only thing is gotta be focused or you'll be hoeing up the crop! Here's the link... Any thoughts?
  7. Fat hen

    Telehandler: JCB - JCB 520-4

    Telehandler: JCB - JCB 520-4 Category: Telehandler Manufacturer: JCB Price: £6250 Condition: Used Description: JCB 520-4 LOADER. Superb condition for age, built to last! Runs v well. 5m reach 2t lift. Selectable 2/4WD. Tyres Front 95% Rear 50%. Turbo Perkins engine. Owned from new on small...
  8. Fat hen

    Birds eat Sluxx?

    I have my suspicions that the Sluxx pellets I have been applying to some fields are being consumed by birds. 2 fields both spring barley. 1 field was wild bird mix last year so has alot of oil radish seedlings thus attracting pigeons. The other is next a woods/pond and ducks are the issue there...
  9. Fat hen

    Our Used 750a just arrived

    Acquired a 6m 6yr old 750a from the continent. Looks in good nick in terms of rust and paintwork, so been looked after. All discs are 38-41cm so have a set of replacements ready for this week. Most of the rubber depth wheels wiggle like bearings need replacing. I gather that washers can be...
  10. Fat hen

    Biomass heat exchanger - what pump size?

    We had a 80KW heat exchanger (5ftx10ft) fitted up to our 120kw biomass boiler. Positioned in front of the tunnel fan. I trusted the Hetas plumber to select the right gear for the job. Now Ive tried it and the heat it produces doesnt seem enough. Its not enough to make the boiler work hard and...
  11. Fat hen

    Rolling, Deep-tillage - essential part of No-TILL??

    I had an inspirational visit to Tony Reynolds' farm, seeing his equipment, hearing his advice etc. I decided this to be the blueprint for the future of our farm. He only has a Weaving drill, sprayer, combine and a 120hp tractor. No cultivation no rolling. It made things sound incredibly simple...
  12. Fat hen

    Contractee slowly buying DD-relevant kit

    After 15yrs of contract farming (500ac clay & sand) mostly with solo and plough I am just taking the reins from my Dad. Primarily in the name of reducing costs I have changed contractors (a brave move as they were cousins). They had been overcharging by Dad for years (15-40% over the...
  13. Fat hen

    'Batch' floor drying system - hardwood or concrete?

    We are a 480ac farm with 5 or 6 crops. We have been using an old Opico for the last 20 yrs, which doesnt owe us anything but it is time and fuel hungry. I feel its time to enter the 21st Century!! We have a large concrete floor shed (50x40yds) which stores the grain pre and post drying. To fill...

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