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    Price of decent crush

    I have a goodly heap of decent crush, after a mobile crusher came to visit. Trouble is lots of people now want to buy some, and I've little idea what to charge. Size ranges from just smaller than fist size to fines. Good clean stuff. Any pointers much appreciated!
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    Will the new wheels fit?

    Sorry for the schoolboy question- would a set of fat wheels and tyres from a JD 6410 fit straight on to my jd6900? They are 66x43 Goodyear and 48x25 firestones. Existing ones are 20.8r38 on 18inch rims and 16.9r28 on front. Get a bit confused about this sort of thing so any help much...
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    Laying a new slab inside a building

    I've got to lay a new slab inside an old brick building and would be mightily grateful for some tips! I haven't done a whole shed before and done want to make any rookie errors... I have broken out the existing concrete, and will have a decent base of crush. Membrane first, lapped up the...
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    Ballpark GP bulk store costs

    How long is a piece of string I know, but are there any cost rules of thumb for new grainstores- say 3m concrete panels, box profile above, say 4.5m to eaves, powerfloat floor, roller shutter. 30m x 12m, or there abouts. Thanks
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    Ground reinforcement mesh

    Can anyone recommend a ground reinforcement mesh for overflow parking etc. Probably just for cars, and to be laid on grass. I'm looking for something permanent, but don't want to be laying concrete. There seem to be quite a few options out there. Many thanks
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    Compost turners

    Being very on-trend I'm interested in getting hold of one of these, but don't know where to start. Basic questions like: Who sells them (Google no help) Do I need a creeper box on the deere (which I don't have) Roughly How much does a 4m machine cost Are they are general pita? Etc. Any...
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    Jcb loader steering stiff at full lock

    My 530-60 has started going very stiff at full lock, particularly bad when reversing tight, then trying to go forward in opposite direction. Any ideas of things it could be? Many thanks
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    Decent shorts...

    Serious problem this. Can anyone recommend me some decent shorts?! Old faithfuls gave up and wifey presented me with 3x m&s latest cargo offering. Absolute rubbish, and they have all ripped in some fairly vital places seemingly within minutes. Not really a fan of the 'I play rugby/drive a...
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    Air receiving testing

    My insurers have just given me a quote for testing the one receiver I have in the workshop. It's not far off the cost of a whole new compressor.... Madness to buy a new compressor each year, but I could sell one year old machines each a year I suppose... What do other people do? It isn't part...
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    JD 6900 low transmission fluid pressure

    Something a bit odd is happening with my 69. After say 1/2 hr use, the low transmission pressure and stop lights come on when in gear 4. Happens in every range a-e. Drop it down to 3 and it vanishes. Nothing outwardly noticeable from the cab. Any ideas what it might be? TIA Wigeon
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    Concrete gone off a bit quick

    Laid some c40 with fibres on Tuesday onto existing concrete to bring the levels up. Only had 80mm to deal with, so not ideal. Anyway, it went off seriously quickly -walking on it within 3hrs. Will it be OK, or is it likely to be knackered? It against a wall so won't have much traffic. Should...
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    Fat hen in spring linseed

    ...It's terrible. Eagle has sorted the charlock but not touched the fat hen. Linseed about to flower. Assuming the sprayer sees the light of day again with all this rain, is there anything that will sort it? No answers from agronomist yet. Many thanks
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    Graminicide for nectar flower mixes

    I've got some canary grass in some of my HLS nectar flower mixes that I would like to selectively spray/weed wipe. Any ideas on a graminicide safe for the various clovers and flowers? It's a non-grass nectar mix obviously. many thanks.
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    Oh dear. I was awakened at 4 this morning by a particularly vivid dream...: I lifted a manhole cover only to find a massive water leak, with a rather tired rat swimming slowly round in circles in the pool below. My spade dealt with the rat, but the water leak proved unfixable, which I found...
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    Cultivator to move whole surface for weed control

    What do the collective brains think would be a good machine for these criteria: Fast and shallow weed control following conventional non inversion tillage that has been left fairly tight to get weeds to grow. Strong land with flints. Must move whole surface, but as shallow as possible. No...
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    JD wafer weights- any easy way?

    Is there any cunning way of being able to tie them together as a block and then lift them on when required with the loader? Just standard 50kg wafers and I have 18 of them I think. Don't like leaving them on the tractor, but like taking them on and off by hand even less. TIA
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    Soil N and no till- is this normal?!

    Just had some test results back for the spring barley ground. All conventionally max tilled fields (shakerate and cultipress in the autumn, top tilth and horsch drill in the spring) have available N results in the region of 35-55kgs /ha. My zero till experiment field however reads 161kgs, and...
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    Tin sheet/flashing type arrangement

    Apologies for the fairly basic question, but I'm struggling a bit... So, I have a concrete framed Atcost cubicle house. I'd like to put some concrete panel walls between the uprights. The height to the base of the concrete gutter is c3450mm. If I get 2x 1500 panels that obviously leaves me...
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    Undersowin for dummies

    Planning on some spring barley and I've got a bit of odds and sods of small seed, and I'm thinking I might undersow it. However, i would welcome the advice of the wise, as my only previous attempt was not a complete success... Seed will be mainly white clover, but also have some berseem...
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    Astrokerb nozzle choice for thick rape

    What is the collective view on a nozzles for a reasonably close canopy of rape? Would normally go defy 3d forward and backward at 100lts, but am contemplating tti low drift at 200 lts or even 05 flat fans at 200 to get it as far down as possible. There are pros and cons of each but I'm not...

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