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  1. tr250

    Sheepdog pups

    From working parents both can be seen £250 07976042891
  2. tr250

    Recomend me a lamb weigh crate

    We are thinking we might invest in a new lamb weigher we would like it to be easy to access the lamb for drenching and tagging. Be lightweight and maybe even able to be carried in the prattly but also used in a static system and have a basic digital read out we are not interested in eid
  3. tr250

    When’s a herd closed/high health

    What is your definition of high health herd how long does it need to be closed. And do you need to be in a scheme of some sort to call yourself high health or does only buying bulls from pedigree breeders and blood testing randomly 5 or6 a year and vaccinating for bvd ibr count
  4. tr250

    Saler bull for sale

    Saler bull for sale very good worker very sound and always has been, is very quiet and his progeny are very quiet. Produces very good breeding heifers. Only for sale due to so many of his daughters in the herd. His name is seawell Issac and is born March 13. We are a commercial herd but are...
  5. tr250

    Cattle tags

    Our usual tag supplier has stopped selling metal secondary tags so I’ve been looking at other makes I looked up Ketchum as I’m sure our supplier bought them in. So Ketchum large primary is called a combi 2000 so is that the same as the shearwell tags? Other question is how likely is this eid...
  6. tr250

    Oct/Nov wheat not picked up until December

    I’ve got some Oct sold wheat not collected but agreed with merchants to add £1 a ton and make it Nov movement so all fine but now got 4 loads of November that’s not going to be collected till December meanwhile the price has gone up about £8 a ton what would be my rights? I was happy with the...
  7. tr250

    Teach me about axles and brakes

    Just looking into buying a new livestock trailer and looking at brakes and axles. Looking at 10 ton trailer with one manafacturer having 300x135 on 8 stud 90mm axle and another having 350x60 on 80mm 8 stud. Which way round is best?
  8. tr250

    Feed fence and troughs

    2x 10 ft feed fences with troughs that have rusted out at the bottom £50 for the pair 07790716999
  9. tr250

    Damaged 6480 pickup hitch

    Complete puh its sheared and bent so fitted completely new one. Only use is for spares locking pins ram and hook etc. Make me an offer before I scrap it!
  10. tr250

    Cherry 20ft livestock trailer

    20 ft cherry livestock trailer. 2008, 445/45r22.5 tyres, one partition,Hydraulic tailgate. £4500 Ono 07790716999 Market Harborough, leics
  11. tr250

    Broughan livestock trailers

    Anybody got one and how are you getting on with it. I’ve been looking at them in pics etc seem to be getting a more popular brand but not seen one in the flesh but seem to be reasonably cost effective compared to the fully ally livestock bodies
  12. tr250

    Changing oil on bunning bed chain drive

    How do I change the oil on this gearbox do I have to take the big plate Off doesn’t seem to be a drain plug
  13. tr250

    Hay how hot is too hot

    Baled some 3rd cut ryegrass a week ago into 120x70 bales it needed another day really but with rain forecast we baled it. Feels ok from outside but I put a thermometer in the middle of the bales and it’s 50 degrees how long does it take to come down and will it be ruined at that they are...
  14. tr250

    Drilling headlands

    I’ve a novatel system on ntrip and while drilling the headlands can’t make it go straight into the corners it just rounds them off. Can anyone else do this or is it just a quirk of gps feels less than pressision in the corners and can’t see markers in the stubble or my last pass very well
  15. tr250

    Hybrid rape am I mad?

    Just ordered my seed today 50% hybrid and rest conventional. We are all hybrid at the moment apart from one field and that’s got a lot of charlock in it so can’t farm save. What made my mind up is soil got bit of moisture in it and forecast looks as though we might get rain. And also I’m not...
  16. tr250

    Combine tyre pressures

    Just wondered what other people put in them 800/70r32 and 500/85r24. 6 walker lexion 1000l tank 22ft header. How low dare you go?
  17. tr250

    Lamb creep feed bars

    lamb creep feed bars 10 galvanised one like the pic and a bag full of wooden ones £10 the lot
  18. tr250

    Purebred texel tups for sale

    a one shear and a 2 shear tup for sale. £200 each.
  19. tr250

    Black bean aphids would you spray

    new to growing beans. Agronomist has been to see them and says he’s seen black aphid pressure. I spray with a normal tractor on row crops so will push them down a lot also the Chem isn’t very nice for bees. He said it’s up to me if I spray but he thinks it could affect yield considerably would...

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