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    Sportswomen in mufti

    Very nice. Bit on the skinny side nowadays though
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    Stirling Bull sales Simmental / Charolais

    Only seen photos but would've thought you'd need to keep the calving jack handy.
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    Final message

    The time it's been I can only assume that you have exhausted all legal avenues. You just need to move on and hope the future brings something more positive. Please don't do anything silly.
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    Not saying it's always the right way to deal with bullying but if you wanted to forget about it and move on, it was definitely easier when it wasn't written down for everyone to see.
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    RIP Harry Gregg, a true hero, and by all accounts a pretty good goalkeeper too.
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    They were lucky Mane was back on the bench today. Salah and Firming weren't quite on top form.
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    Can't believe they're the only ones, PSG in particular always seem to overspend. Barca and Madrid too, (although I seem to recall they both have massive international TV deals)
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    Nearly £5 for one potato

    Sorry if I'm wrong. I don't work in the food service industry but thought what I said was right. The point I was trying to make was that there is VAT on a cooked spud but not when its sold in a supermarket or a 25kg bag. To be fair, a restaurant that serves raw potatoes probably wouldn't stay...
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    Nearly £5 for one potato

    There's VAT on it as soon as it's cooked as well.
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    Six Nations 2020

    I wish I had your faith in the ability of the SRU bigwigs to do the right thing!
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    Walkers in trainers rescued in Ben Nevis blizzard!!!!????

    Thought exactly the same the other day when there was a report of a surfer missing off the Dover coast! There are some selfish idiots about putting the emergency services at risk.
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    Jokes - "some may find offensive !!!"

    Wouldn't matter what number you picked, it knows the right answer 😉
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    Sheep Scanning

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    Sheep Scanning

    Screenshot for Lockerbie next year 😉
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    Six Nations 2020

    I'm not just saying this because Murrayfield fans are some of the worst for it. Why is it such a big deal to be quiet when kickers are doing their stuff. Years ago, everyone did it - professionals should be able to shut it out.
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    Six Nations 2020

    Should have added the right team won, made a lot fewer mistakes in atrocious conditions.
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    Six Nations 2020

    Can't decide if that's how Gregor asks his 9 to play. Price always looked a breath of fresh air when he replaced Laidlaw but agree with you about today. I'm not for one minute saying we'd have gone the length of the pitch but the box kick in the final minute was a bizarre decision. And he...
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    Six Nations 2020

    €50k fine but no point deduction. Absolute farce. How can anyone believe the mistake was inadvertent with their track record?
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    Coming Home For Lambing.

    I always thought half the fun was running around gathering up hurdles that are blocking holes in dykes and fences while there are three ewes standing in the big pen sharing a heap of lambs!
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    Ingrowing hairs

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