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    Bale wrap prices

    I used orbital nett and wrap last year,nett was excellent but the wrap kept snapping on the wrapper and you could see though it when stretched compared to more expensive makes so I won’t use that again
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    Cocker or Sprocker Bitch Pup

    £900 each 3 black and one golden so far
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    Cocker or Sprocker Bitch Pup

    Just had a black bitch
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    Cocker or Sprocker Bitch Pup

    My working cocker is having pups as I type this 3 boys at the moment,hopefully there will be some bitchs
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    Round bale netting

    Round bale netting 3600m £125+vat per roll minimum 10 rolls or £135+vat for smaller amounts collected sk7 6nw Used myself last season with no problems at all.
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    Concrete Costs

    Anybody else used the company mentioned above
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    Wanted Alpacas

    Looking for 2 alpaca females adult or cria
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    80x40x16 building

    Sorry now sold
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    Kubota spare parts

    BTE plant sales
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    Concrete floor

    Will I need steel mesh in a barn floor for hay straw and machinery or is 150mm ok on it’s own,what strength mix would be best.
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    Rent per acre for ground solar?

    Had a letter about 12 months ago but didn’t take any notice,there is a 33000 High voltage cable that has just been laid 2 meters from our boundary so has made me think about it,we have approximately 80 acres at this location
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    Rent per acre for ground solar?

    where do I start to see if we have a suitable site i don't want to get in with the wrong people,the CLA are offering a member offer with roadnighttaylor does anyone have an experience with this company
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    RIdge vents

    Do I need ridge vents in the building,140x76x17ft fully enclosed with one roller shutter door and personal door in one end Going to store machinery and hay in the building
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    Bridgewater Construction.

    hi,did you have a building from bridgewater construction
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    Straw shed

    are Galvanised gutters ok in sections for 20ft bays
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    Nelson m green+sons Morton ltd

    As above has anybody got any reviews on them looking to buy off them,thanks Peter
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    Roller shutter door

    I am looking at installing a 20ft wide 17ft high galvanised roller shutter door and was wanting to know is a single phase or 3 phase motor best
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    80x40x16 building

    Buyer to dismantle middle of January.
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    80x40x16 building
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    80x40x16 building

    Trying to put them up,on eBay this is the item number 143412042762

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