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    Claas Arion 650 injector problems

    If only one injector is faulty surely it is overkill to replace the entire set if the others are within spec?
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    Discovery 4 engine seized

    Main bearings tend to be a real challenge for engine designers on V confuguration engines. There just isn't the space to package a decent surface area due to the constrained layout. Give me a straight 6 engine every day -a far superior configuration from a strength and durability perspective...
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    Isuzu d max dpf

    Sounds like there is an underlying issue causing the dpf to block and the constant regeneration. Its likely to be either overfuelling (injectors), a lack of air (boost leak, egr valve or turbo) or a sensor fault (dpf's pressure sensor giving a false reading). Best to book it into the dealer to...
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    Ford ranger 2.2 engine siezed

    My brother had the oil pump fail on his 63 plate 2.2 ranger late last year, also outside of warranty. Contrary to what others here suggest he found Ford UK extremely accomodating on the matter. The dealer experience wasn't so great, but I guess there wasn't much in it for them. Give them a...
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    Ford ranger 2.2 engine siezed

    I will be interested to hear what if any contributions ford are offering here. My brother's 2013 2.2 ranger with 60k miles has failed this week, oil light on and engine knocking. Going to speak to ford dealer on monday. Serviced on time but last service carried out by an independent so not sure...
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    155r still rubbish on fuel

    Adblue consumption doesn't seem too bad to me. Assume the tractor has used an average of 15l/hr diesel over its life then 250l adblue equates to 2.7% of fuel burned. I would expect most stage 4 competitors to use considerably more than this...
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    New Holland Adblue Faults

    Couldn't find any local companies to do the mapping, and ones further away weren't willing to travel. Found a company who were willing to do this remotely and sent them the ECU to calibrate. Probably not the best decision with hindsight. Not sure how you would get a faulty system working prior...
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    New Holland Adblue Faults

    Thanks for all the replies so far. Sorry it's taken a while to get back on this. First a bit more detail. With the Adblue system is all still connected up the two codes are 3618 and 3537. The mapper had asked for the Adblue system to be disconnected which was when all codes listed above became...
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    New Holland Adblue Faults

    Wondering if there are any friendly CNH mechanics out there who might be able to help me out.... Family have a New Holland T7.210 which has done 8000hrs. It started flagging Adblue fault codes, with local dealer quoting thousands for parts. I told brothers to get adblue mapped out so they sent...
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    Second hand trucks

    Quote sounds sensible, beware of companies offering to do the job for less. These are pretty complex engines being twin overhead cam, common rail etc. And a lot of ancillaries and plumbing such as cooled egr, intake throttles, water cooled vgt. There is a lot of labour time involved before you...
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    Second hand trucks

    Yup it hurt a lot! Thought i would pick one up for about 800 quid. Spent 6 weeks looking and filled out multiple online breaker forms, but this seemed to be the going rate. That was for an engine with fuel pump, injectors and flywheel. No turbo or other ancillaries. Out of a 2010 model with 60k...
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    Second hand trucks

    We have one of these on the farm, 57 plate rodeo with the common rail engine. Engine failed just before Christmas having done 96k miles. Quite a heavy knock, running unevenly and smoking. Broken rings and cracked pistons quite common apparently but normally at around 150k miles. Not sure if this...
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    Are CLAAS tractors missing a trick

    Assume that you are referring to Daimler's 7.7L engine? From my experience in the automotive sector it looks like a very impressive engine technically - one of the few genuinely brand new engine designs on the market in this displacement range, with very high cylinder pressure capability...
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    New Scraper Tractor

    Hi, Looking for some advice on a new scraper tractor as my current MF550 is about to bite the dust. Always bought old knackers before for this job but can't help thinking that used prices are silly for replacements now. MF's seem to be £6-7K for something 20 years old with a load of hours on...

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