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    Old syle forage harvesters

    Has anyone any old style forage machinery or parts from old machines.....i am looking for flails for a Howard haytimer flail mower and a hitch for a taarup harvester
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    WANTED.......Red 990

    Would anyone have a 12 speed red David Brown 990 for sale......any help very much appreciated
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    Wilder twin chop harvester wanted.....

    I would like to find a wilder twin chop harvester......the one with the swivel chute.....any help would be much appreciated
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    WANTED.....Ford 5000 0r 7000

    I am currently looking for a 5000 or 7000 for a with engine problems would be very suitalbe...any help woud be very much appreciated
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    Roadless Ploughmaster 75

    I would like to source a roadless ploughmaster 75 0r 94 T......i know they are hard to find so any help very much appreciated
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    Pre Force Ford 5000

    I woud like to try to find a pre force 5000 or an early force 5000 with round mudguards.....any help would be very much appreciated....many thanks
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    WANTED......!960s Silage Trailer

    I would like to source an older silage trailer for a 1960s classic silage outfit....hopefully someone has one in the back of the barn...wheatley ,tye ,ferguson but would be keen to see anything....many thanks
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    New Performance Fordson Major

    I would very much like to source a good blue/grey fordson intention is to use it on vintage silage days with a single chop harvester.....Any help very much appreciated
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    Roadless Ploughmaster 94T Wanted

    I woud be very interested in trying to find a 94T Roadless....i would prefer one with a k 2 frot axle but would be very greatful to hear about anything available
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    RoadlessPloughmaster 75 Wanted

    i would very much like to source a roadless ploughmaster 75 or 78 .Good condition preered but can be restored.Any help would be appreciated
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    old style flail forage harvester

    i am looking fr a forage harvester...possiby a barn find.....ideally rom the 60s.....trailed hopeully offset .....or a classic silage outfit rom the era....any make considered
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    vintage or classic silage harvester

    I would be very interested in finding a forage harvester from the early /mid sixties.....i know its a long shot as most of them were chopped up years ago but maybe at the back of a barn somewhere there is something of interested...My intention is to have a outfit from the era on a fordson super...

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