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  1. kill

    International 585L brake oil seal repair.

    O rings gone on the brake piston and going have a bash at renewing them myself. Would anyone know if the fuel tank has to come off or is it the case of undoing cab mounts and jacking cab up. Any tips would also be appreciated. Many thanks
  2. kill

    Bleady suppliers.

    Any one else get suppliers that requlary supply products just take it on themselves to deliver without asking whether you actually need more or want more of their product? Last week I gave my sand supplier a short , sharp phone call as the third load of un ordered sand arrived in two months and...
  3. kill


    After several hours of getting drenched pressure washing my robot milkers this afternoon and then while scaping out and cutting bales open I got seriously soaked again by very heavy rain I started shivering vigorously and feeling very light headed and slowed right up and couldn't hardly move as...
  4. kill

    Milk Bar 60 point trailer calf feeder

    Milk bar 60 point calf feeder for sale. Feeds 60 calfs Good condition. New price around 4k this one £1450. Only selling as too big for my needs. Please phone Kevin on 07778690773 North Devon
  5. kill

    How longs too long?

    I sold 2 X tractors over a month ago (end march) that were both advertised on here but actually sold via advertising in the farmers weekly and to different people but both needed to sort loans out on each of the tractors and up to now I have not heard from a representative from eithers finance...
  6. kill

    Massey Ferguson 6290 hydraulics

    Any one got a 6200 with Power beyond ? As my mate is desperately trying to get any information about adding it to his late 6290 and is seeking any information. Local dealer said some were supplied with power beyond so it's possible but photos of a tractor fitted with it may well be the best...
  7. kill

    Why oh why !!!?? 12 month extension

    Of all the stupid things Europe has ever done for us this has to be the lowest trick they have ever pulled . We must be due for another year of virtually no decision in our parliament run by what feels more to most as squabbling toddlers.:(
  8. kill

    Training your dog

    Have a lovely 15 month old collie we were given who's very good with cattle but we were told he's was a slight nuisance as he came from a farm very close to a road. Well yesterday he ran out at a horse even tho we are further from the road and we had a phone call saying that he had been far...
  9. kill


    When I refreshed TFF tonight there seams to be massives of classified adverts???? And also getting feed up with all those bleady NEWS updates. Are we not a forum for discussion and advice ???? What's happening@Clive:(
  10. kill

    Massey Ferguson 6290 thermosate housing

    Is there any after market alternatives or any where to get a cheaper option as Massey are really having a laugh for a bit of cheapo plastic. Many thanks
  11. kill

    Is the country full of idiots????

    I have been hedge trimming today on my OWN land. One neighbour phoned up my wife and left a SH#tty message moaning that I was hedge trimming on a Sunday and making a noise and I shouldn't have started at 7am!!!!! Probably 500+ metres away from there place that's hidden in trees. Another filmed...
  12. kill

    Bales and tub feeder wagons.

    What's the good, bad and ugly and why please? I have round bale silage, round whole top and fooder beet to feed along troughs so what's best?
  13. kill

    Bales and tub feeder wagons.

    What's the good, bad and ugly and why please? I have round bale silage, round whole top and fooder beet to feed along troughs so what's best?
  14. kill

    Is it legal????

    I have recently (3+ weeks ago) purchased a machine from a farmer around 150 miles away and after several phone calls and texts he has not given me an invoice but has charged me vat. While he was talking about another machine he had for sale via eBay he stated he had not paid vat at the time of...
  15. kill

    Please sweep your chimneys

    Lite our wood fired parkway yesterday and smoked the house out as the chimney was totally blocked and now everything smells of smoke:dead::dead::dead::dead::(. I was wondering if if was because of the dry summer as it was swept earlier this year so please check chimneys NOW
  16. kill

    Cattle TMR box feeders

    12ft long X 5'10 wide. Very heavy duty and galvanized, 8 available only 2/3 years old. Happy to load £325 each , Can be flat packed by unbolting if required? Located in North Devon, please call 07778690773
  17. kill

    Effects of too much lime.

    Talking to someone the other day that had corrected his soil ph this spring on grassland ground and was on about giving it a heavy dose of slurry & limesand from the bottom of his lagon but what will be the affects of too much lime?
  18. kill

    Water pipe multi box joiner

    I am in the process of major alterations on my water supply and am bringing a 50mm pipe into a building but need to split it probably 6 different ways with 32mm pipe. Anyone used a box or tube to do this with 32mm fittings but feed by 50mm? Similar to a electric junction box. Don't fancy...
  19. kill

    Wheel for Collins 7 ton tandem trailer.

    Complete Wheel with hub and brake drum as bearing failed and wheel totally lost !!!!
  20. kill

    Do any modern 4 cylinder engines hold their Rev's when going down hill?

    As per title really as just getting feed up with pointing my JD 6125R down hill and watching the rev counter climb at speed whether on the road or doing anything really and far worst on PTO work especially in 540E as over Rev's machines far to easy so almost pointless to use? What are other 4...

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