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  1. ZXR17

    Will game shooting go ahead this autumn?

    What will be the implications of a shoot that puts several thousand birds down on a relatively small area , in the hope that everything will carry on as normal , only to find that restrictions remain in place and shoots are not allowed to operate ? Obviously financial costs will be high but...
  2. ZXR17


    When would you drill kale for game cover ? How early is too early as obviously , being The most important crop on the farm , it must perform . I was thinking that if I drilled early and it failed I could have a few more attempts .
  3. ZXR17

    Secrets of your Supermarket food . Channel 5 on now .

    At last a very positive programme about the dairy industry and its products . Excellent interview with a Welsh dairy farmer , Abbi ,who spoke very well about the whole job . The programme also went on to dispel the myths of ' healthy ' non milk products . Also lactose intolerance discussed and...
  4. ZXR17

    Drilling anyone?

    Which year were these pictures taken ?😁
  5. ZXR17

    Your current weather.

    Weather forecast shows sunshine and showers . Actual weather , Thunder lightning and heavy hailstorm .:scratchhead:
  6. ZXR17

    When to apply nitrogen

    Opinions please . Two days ago the weather forecast showed a relatively dry period for a few days with approximately 2mm for yesterday and up to 6mm today . So that's ok I thought and put 70 kg N in liquid form on my poor excuse of an osr crop to get it going . I got up this morning to about 8mm...
  7. ZXR17

    Your current weather.

    Just tipped out 31mm out of the rain gauge . It's been torrential since day light , floods every where . The rain has finally stopped now . According to Metchech we were going to get 6mm !!
  8. ZXR17

    World Superbike Championship

    He knows that he's got the pace and seemed pretty upbeat about it . The bike looked pretty beaten up . The mechanics will have a busy night .
  9. ZXR17

    World Superbike Championship

    Exciting start to the season at Philip Island . 1st four riders over the line together . I think Jonnie Rea will have a bit more competition this year . Second race should be exiting . F1 , watch and learn .
  10. ZXR17

    Canary Seed

    Make sure that your printer has lots of ink and paper in it for when they send you the list of deductions .:rolleyes:
  11. ZXR17

    Househam Sprint 2100

    Still for sale , will have new MOT later this month .
  12. ZXR17

    Drilling anyone?

    Had only had 4mm by 3 o'clock but now had 15 mm . Sorry to all of you getting hammered by the floods , again .
  13. ZXR17

    Storm ciara

    Not too bad here so far , 40 mph gusting to 55 mph winds and 3mm of rain . Really don't need any more rain .
  14. ZXR17

    Your current weather.

    Wet .
  15. ZXR17

    Drilling anyone?

    I agree , it will be interesting to hear what the ideal vernalization temperatures are . We often don't get any proper cold weather during the winter . This winter hasn't been below 0 yet . Soil temperature at about 4 inches was 9 degrees yesterday.
  16. ZXR17

    Self propelled sprayer tyres

    Some advice please . I have a Househam AR 3000 that came on Trelleborg flotations which looked great , big wide cleats with a diamond pattern in the centre and so lots of rubber on the ground but basically it is a trailer tyre and not a driven tyre . The only problem is that our ground is all...
  17. ZXR17

    Overdraft requirements for coming growing season.

    The interest rate on my mortgage on my first flat hit over 18% in the 90's . I nearly bailed out but at the time I was single and working obscene amounts of hours for a contractor so was able to keep paying .
  18. ZXR17

    How’s your OSR looking now

    Very jealous @Bobthebuilder .
  19. ZXR17

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Is the Osr price rise mainly on the strength of Donald ' taking out ' General Soleimani ?
  20. ZXR17

    Combinables Price Tracker

    I sold 1 load for £337 on Friday .

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